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Fire Safety & Security

Fire prevention and a robust security system are no doubt an indispensable part of design plans for every commercial or corporate building.

Fire Protection Solutions cover

  • Fire PreventionSystem
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Automatic Fire Detection
  • Blast & Fire Resistant Doors

The ideal fire protection system will offer reliable performance at the time of need without affecting the aesthetics of the building. As a legal necessity, companies have no leeway to make an error in this critical aspect.

Safety & SecuritySolutions cover

  • CCTV Surveillance,
  • Guard Patrol System,
  • Access Control System,
  • Public Addressal& Background Music System,
  • Emergency Evacuation Chair.

By deploying a customized security system, businesses can be confident of protecting their property and managing the risks in a responsible manner.Our team will work closely with you to design a robust and secure system for fire and security, making sure that the system is also cost-effective, easy to use and maintain.

Full Range Protection forYour Premises with Great Solutions

ME Universal has been installing carefully engineered state-of-the-art fire and safety protection systems leveraging products from top global companies, eliminating the risk of fire, material losses, and downtime.

Our professionally trained experts usually handle the entire range of the requirements:

  • Assess the building structure and its history to understand the nature of flammable dangers existing in the building structure and business activities
  • Design a customized solution for a comprehensive fire protection in line with local laws, building regulations and clients’ design intent
  • Commission and manage the installation process to ensure the final system adhere to quality and safety standards

In terms of Safety & Security,we offer Monitoring tools (My Inspector) which is a Guard Patrol & Verification System and essential CCTV Surveillance tools – wired and wireless, providing enhanced monitoring with recording facilities

Reach out to our representation for knowing how our industry leading products can safeguard your property.

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