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Smart Mosque

As part of the Smart Solutions focusing on Saving Energy and Opex Cost for the client, ME Universal identified innovative technology which can offer retrofit solution for wide range of activities from lighting sensors to occupancy, heat etc. At the same time the solutions are focused towards indoor air quality and cleaning which will drastically impact the health of the devotees who spend at least 1 to 2 hour overall in the mosque in a day.

With the number of mosque rising as new developments happen and city is expanded, it’s important that all the mosques are integrated with technology which can communicate with the central command at the Ministry of Islamic Affairs which will enable to monitor and take timely actions for any incidents or announcements.

Some of our solutions offered are :

  • Automation – Wireless Sensors & Switches
  • Smart Lighting & Centralised Control System
  • Smart IOT Switches
  • Digital Locks & Curtain System
  • Public Address, Fire Alarm & Surveillance System
  • Smart Irrigation System
  • Centralised Vacuum Cleaning System
  • Centralised Air Purifier System
  • Smart Waste Bins
  • Smart Ventilation Fans & Dryers
  • Smart Velocity Fans
  • Smart Ablution

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