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EnOcean - Self Powered IOT

The idea of EnOcean's innovative Wireless Automation technology is based on a simple observation: where sensors capture measured values, the energy state constantly changes

Radio switches and sensors based on EnOcean’s Wireless Controls harvest ambient energy for their power supply, e.g., switches from the actuating force or sensors from the light energy. This is accomplished through the so-called “energy harvesting” that generates energy levels of 50 µW, enough to transmit radio signals up to 300 m in the open (30 m in buildings).

Digital Smart Lighting Controller
EnOcean - Self Powered IOT

EnOcean Retrofit Automation in India communicates via gateways with all available bus systems (e.g., KNX or BACnet) in the building. Each transmitter present in the Smart Automation system has a unique address and communicates with a receiving unit. Despite the limited energy available, these highly efficient Building Automation electronics can transmit the signal several times, thus guaranteeing high transmission reliability.

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Energy Harvesting

Wireless sensors present in the Building Controls harvest and manage the smallest amount of energy from their environment.

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EnOcean Wireless Automation uses wireless standards that are optimized for ultra-low power consumption & energy harvesting.

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Ultra-low Power

Energy management and highly efficient energy storage are key to wireless technology for battery-less wireless sensor solutions.

EnOcean Architecture: Wireless Controls Sensor Solutions Powered By

EnOcean Architecture: Wireless Sensor Solutions powered by

Ambient Energy

No Drilling: Using EnOcean for Building Automation in Dubai

A huge advantage of EnOcean Retrofit Automation system is the ability to mount switches and sensors on walls or glass surfaces throughout the building without drilling any holes. EnOcean Building Controls are particularly suitable for renovations where laying cables is difficult or impossible. In addition, appearance or materials (e.g. glass walls) may also make using EnOcean Wireless Automation technology ideal.

No Drilling: Using EnOcean for Building Automation
  • EnOcean's seal "Battery-free by EnOcean"
  • EnOcean offers the “Battery-free by EnOcean” seal to highlight self-powered Smart Automation switches and to make the branded switches’ benefits visible at a glance for consumers, such as battery-free and wire-free operation, maintenance freedom, flexibility and comfort.
  • Ultra-low Power Management
  • Energy management and highly efficient energy storage are the two primary keys to Wireless Controls technology for battery-less and wireless sensor solutions.
  • Radio Technology
  • EnOcean - Wireless Automation Sensor Solutions powered by Ambient Energy for Buildings, Smart Homes, Industrial Automation and the Internet of Things.
  • Self-powered Internet of Things
  • EnOcean Building Automation in India provides Reliable and self-powered wireless sensor solutions for the Internet of Things.
  • Patents
  • EnOcean Retrofit Automation is the originator of the patented energy harvesting wireless technology.
  • White Papers
  • In-depth information on various topics related to the self-powered and wireless sensor solutions.
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