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Self Powered Wireless Automation

Frustrated with tangled wires and constantly changing batteries? Look no further than the ME UNIVERSAL Self-Powered Wireless Automation system – our innovative solution for seamless household management. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, this system empowers you to effortlessly control your lighting, locks, thermostats, and other devices without the hassle.

Experience these key features:

Wireless Convenience: With a wireless signal, you can place the system anywhere in your home without limitations, giving you the flexibility you crave.

User-Friendly Design: Whether you're a technology enthusiast or not, our system is designed for hassle-free installation and effortless operation, making it accessible for all.

Expandability on Demand: As your household needs change, our system seamlessly integrates with additional devices, allowing you to customize and grow your automation experience.

Reap the benefits of the ME UNIVERSAL Self-Powered Wireless Automation System:

Energy Savings: Our system automatically turns off lights and appliances when they're not in use, maximizing your energy savings & reducing your carbon footprint.

Enhanced Security: Rest easy knowing your doors and windows are locked, even when you're away. Our system increases home security, providing peace of mind.

Streamlined Daily Life: Automate daily tasks, such as turning on the lights when you arrive home or adjusting the thermostat when you go to bed, to simplify and enhance your daily routine.

Control from Anywhere: With the ME UNIVERSAL mobile app, you have the power to control your home from anywhere in the world. Stay connected and in control at all times.

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