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Outdoor Theatre

ME Universal as part of our evolving solution offering brings yet another experience for our clients when it comes to Audio Video Solution which are Outdoor targeted. Be it your private Garden, Swimming Pool Area, Concert, Stadium or Events we have the needed display and sound systems to match your needs.

What we offer is a complete outdoor cinematic entertainment solution combining motorized, mega-large format, ultra-bright, 16:9 format, hi-resolution LED screens with custom made Acoustics’ speaker and amplifier technology , to create a uniquely capable and fun outdoor audio-visual experience. Each of the system includes either stereo or multi-channel speakers and subwoofers built into an impressive monolithic weatherized containment enclosure designed to withstand the elements.

Entertainment lifestyles are moving out-of-doors and unlike repurposed delicate indoor projectors and screens, these systems are specifically designed for outdoor use, reliably reproducing vibrant and colourful images even in broad daylight. The solution offered is dynamic, full-range, multi-channel surround sound to recreate the movie theatre experience in your own backyard. Our OEM’s award-winning outdoor loudspeakers and subwoofers coupled with amplifiers and Digital Signal Processing provide realistic and highly immersive cinematic sound reproduction.

The long-lasting LED screens are custom built using the latest in advanced hi-resolution LED technology and control software. The cabinet enclosure options range from standard above-ground cabinets to specialized subterranean vaults and may be custom ordered to match existing outdoor decor or to disappear into the landscape. World-class motorized lifts quietly raise the screen from its enclosure and retracts safely for storage, adding to system protection, elegance, and excitement.

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