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Chief Executive Message

As we transited ourselves from the year 2019 and began 2020 with an extreme positive note with strategic plans and forecasts, the worst of our predications came, Covid-19 Pandemic, which spread slowly yet so fast and destroyed everything we built over the years of our team dreams, hopes and aspirations. As we progressed ourselves in different foray and developed our business to scale up our operations, capacity and system we now are back to square one.

The world has been in lockdown since February 2020, and staying at home and using technology , internet has given us loads of time for ourselves, family and time to think completely new as we understand the regular will not work and we have to start changing our gears and shift our wheel to a new direction. Being the Chief Executive of SME company we still believe that we are doing okay considering our bandwidth is still in our hold and we can divert the boat to complete new direction.

Year 2020 – 2021 will see ME Universal establish Cloud Labs division which will be focusing on SaaS based software development and providing services in IoT and Systems Integration. We want to further strengthen our focus on Research & Development and collaborate with International Technology Partners for world class offering. Our vision is to now focus on Middle East and North African Market and we have established a long road map for the same.

We will still be investing in small scale to develop our team skills, digital presence and factory upgradation so we are ready to serve the market whenever the global recession which is ongoing in the backdrop of the Pandemic gets over. We are just going to sail and survive next many months and keep introspecting.

We once again thank you for your continuous support throughout and having belief in us.

June 1st, 2020

Irfan Ahmed
Chief Executive

Investments & Marketing