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Air Powered Laundry Collection

The Air Powered Laundry Collection in the Middle East has revolutionized laundry management completely. This Solution operates using an automatic laundry design, which is not limited by location and can be used in various types of homes, including bungalows, villas, multi-floor buildings, and even single-story homes.

Unlike traditional laundry systems that only allow laundry to be sent downward, our unique vacuum laundry system design enables many laundry port locations throughout your home, sending laundry to the laundry room. This means that regardless of the physical layout of your home, our Air Powered Laundry Collection can transport your laundry in any direction - up, down, and around - to wherever you desire.

By implementing our unique Air Powered Laundry Collection, your laundry tasks will be forever changed, resulting in a tidier and more efficient use of your time. This Solution gives you and your family more freedom to enjoy your time together.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our Air Powered Laundry Collection today!

Air-Powered-Laundry-Collection Air-Powered-Laundry-Collection

The Air Powered Laundry Collection installation comprises of 3 elements:

Mounted laundry ports in bathrooms, dressing rooms, or bedrooms
'Wall mounted' or 'Cabinet' vacuum in the laundry room.
The PVC pipe and fittings connecting the laundry room's ports


Vacuum Laundry Pipe

As an Air Powered Laundry Collection provider in the surrounding region, we focus on using high-quality materials in our Laundry Solution. This commitment guarantees our clients an exceptional experience when utilizing our products.

Our state-of-the-art Automatic Laundry Solution has top-of-the-line components, such as 159mm rigid PVC vacuum pipe and fittings. This choice of materials is crucial, as the system generates a powerful vacuum during operation, which could cause regular ridged piping to deform.

The PVC vacuum piping is designed to help seamless transitions between fittings and connections. This careful design ensures that clothing, bedding, and towels can effortlessly travel through the system and reach the laundry room without disruptions or complications.

Vacuum Pipe & Fittings

Six Inch white vacuum pipe 10' x 6"
Six Inch 45 Fitting
Six Inch Y Fitting
Port 90 custom fitting
Clean Out Cap

Central Chutes

Designed for Everyone

As the leading provider of Laundry Collection, we strive to create products catering to a wide range of individuals and communities, ensuring everyone can enjoy our offerings. Our Air-Powered Laundry Collection is versatile and can be customized to suit homes of varying sizes, ranging from single-bedroom residences to those with 20 or more bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets. Our system can accommodate any home by adding more ports and Laundry appliances.

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