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Garbage & Linen Chute

ME Universal provides diverse Recycling Solutions, including Trash Chutes, Interlocking Garbage & Linen Chute, Segregated Garbage & Linen Chute, and more, all designed to align with the demands of Society.

It is impractical for residents and housekeeping to move significant amounts of garbage up and down floors using elevators and stairways in large complexes. Installing a Garbage & Linen Chute is essential since it streamlines the disposal procedure and increases everyone's comfort and convenience.

The Garbage & Linen Chute offers a seamless and user-friendly control for efficient garbage collection in multi-level buildings. Installing a Garbage & Linen Chute is the optimal approach for centralizing waste disposal within a single location, streamlining the collection process.

ME Universal has created a wide selection of high-quality interlocking garbage chute Solutions using its significant knowledge and research. This modernizes how multi-story buildings dispose of their trash and simplify waste management.

We take pride to offfer a diverse selection of Garbage & Linen Chutes tailored to residential and commercial properties. Our comprehensive range includes the following options:

  • Interlocking Garbage Chute System
  • Segregated Garbage Chute System
  • Standard Garbage Chute System
  • Smart Garbage Chute System
  • Segregated Garbage Chute
  • Debris Chute
  • Linen Chute
Centralised Laundry Collection

Various Industries Use Garbage & Linen Chute

  • Trash Chutes for garbage disposal in large buildings.
  • Linen Chute for Hotels & Hospitals
  • Debris Chute in India for Construction Area
  • Underground Waste Collection for Public Waste
  • Segregated Garbage Chute junk removal is safe and hygienic in commercial apartments, etc.

Benefits of Using Garbage & Linen Chute

  • Our Smart Garbage & Linen Chute collects trash from every floor into one location.
  • At various times throughout the day, garbage might be disposed of at any moment.
  • Enables the separation of trash into dry and wet
  • Segregated garbage chute lowers power use.
  • Reduce Manpower cost
  • Interlocking waste chute system
Centralised Laundry Collection

You can install a Garbage & Linen Chute in the following areas:

  • Residential and commercial centers
  • Every utility duct has dry balconies, kitchens, mid-landings, stairwells, and common lobbies.
  • There should be intake hoppers on every floor level.
  • The Intake Hopper must be on an alternative floor level at Mid Landing.
  • It makes the disposal of waste secure and sanitary.

Salient Features of Garbage & Linen Chute

  • Manufactured and Installed by BS 1703:2005, NFPA 82
  • Weather Proof Stainless Steel Construction
  • Brush Cleaning System
  • Cleaning Operation by Control Panel
  • Disinfectants can be sprayed
  • Odor Control System
  • Exhaust System to provide a minimum of 20-40 air changes/hr.
  • Intake Hoppers 90-minute fire rated as per UL Label 10B
  • Auto Closing Intake Hoppers
  • Discharge-end fire door.
Centralised Laundry Collection

As a prominent Building and Commercial trash chute manufacturer in Asia and the Middle East, we provide high-quality Garbage & Linen Chute for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Trash chutes are equipped with a wide range of modern features that enhance your daily life's convenience and comfort.

The Garbage & Linen Chute incorporates essential fire safety measures, such as an auto-closing door at the bottom of the chute, fire sprinklers, & fire-rated intake door. With these features in place, you can trust in the safety and security of our Garbage & Linen Chute. Moreover, maintenance is hassle-free, as our brush cleaning system ensures that the internal surface of the chute is regularly cleaned for optimal hygiene.

Garbage & Linen Chute have a reliable odor control system that operates around the clock to combat unpleasant odors. Through the use of an exhaust fan and air vent, any gases and unpleasant smells are effectively eliminated, leaving the chute clean and deodorized. Our chutes are constructed from high-quality stainless steel, specifically SS 430/SS/304-grade, with varying thicknesses of 1.2/1.5/2mm depending on the chute diameter. This ensures superior durability, corrosion resistance, and compliance with BS/NFPA codes, which prohibit plastic or fibre chutes due to their fire hazard risk.

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