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Digital Smart Shower

As ME Universal is covering different parts within the property to provide solutions related to energy savings; water saving is something which is always been a second priority and there has been no major breakthrough in the market apart from sensor based taps. We started in 2020 to explore Digital Smart Shower system to be offered to our clients as this system not only puts you in real connect with the water consumption in your home or office but it also make real sense of having one and making it a sustainable concept.

Our Engineering team has been working on developing different concepts and we have collaborated with partners who have enhanced our offering with better of the industry standards.

Digital Shower has been in the market for sometime but with the aspect of having Smart system integrated it has the feature of controlling

Digital Smart Shower

aspect and getting data analytics to change your habits and conserve water. Digital Smart Shower has more than just visual wow factor it is small practical solution to the new millennium problem of water which is going to be major problem in the coming decades when we run out of underground water.

Our Digital Smart Shower system has some of the below features:

  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Remote Start, Stop & Pause
  • Reduce Water & Energy Usage
  • Save Your Settings
  • Time Efficiency
  • No Scalding
  • Easy to Install

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