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Waste Analytics Platform

Waste Analytics Platform

ME Universal Engineering brings you a top-class IoT Enabled Smart Waste Management in Middle East that optimizes and removes unnecessary processes, which means organizations and cities can save up to 50 percent on their existing Urban Waste Management. IoT experts and industry technologist in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Big Data has helped to polish our Smart City solutions which can be catered to scaled-up projects on the municipal level.

Waste Analytics Platform

Smart Bins technology has the power to change the dynamics of major industries. We aim to promote a Sustainable City in India through technology, and we advise both businesses and municipalities to embrace the opportunities granted by Smart Waste Management.

Waste Analytics Platform

Currently, most pick-ups are based upon fixed scheduled intervals, which results in a large amount of unnecessary emptying of half-full bins or risk overflowing, costing additional fees. ME Universal Engineering offers optimization and full-service for better Municipality Waste management which reduces your costs and benefits the environment. We are combining advanced technologies for a more efficient Urban Waste Management system depending on the needs of your business.

By using fill-level bin sensors in our Smart Bins and monitoring them through the Cloud platform, you can reduce the number of pick-ups while our prediction algorithm continuously becomes more intelligent to improve your savings over time. Obtain a transparent overview of your Municipality Waste in Dubai and make your pick-ups more efficient.

Waste Analytics Platform


  • Optical sensing technology present in our Smart Waste Management system gives 16 referring measurement points which allow for the accurate evaluation of the waste volume and the review of 3D graphs of waste placement within your containers.
  • Unlike ultrasonic sensing technology, optical sensors have no blind spots from 0-4 meters, allowing for accuracy in even the smallest containers.

Waste Analytics Platform

Waste Analytics Platform


  • Urban Waste Management also includes operation summary including costs, fuel consumption, completed routes, distance, collected containers and time spent on collection.
  • Our top-class Sustainable City system provides daily performance reports.
  • You and your workers can check the scheduled routes, available drivers, and vehicles through our Smart City system.
Waste Analytics Platform


When developing our Municipality Waste collection route planner, we tried to make the life of waste collectors as seamless as possible. That is why we included turn-by-turn navigation and voice instructions in the intelligent routing system. In this way, drivers are not required to set up new directions after every emptying, instead, they can simply follow the dedicated routes one after the other.

Interested in our Smart Waste Management and Smart Bins system, call us +971 50 1483346 or send us an email on info@meuniversal.com and we’ll be more than happy to answer all your queries.

Waste Analytics Platform

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