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Subsidiary & Affiliates

Since, ME Universal, its inception in 2014 the company had a clear vision which is to cater global markets with products and solutions which has USP and innovation attached to it , we at ME Universal always believed in collaborations and ventures which has helped us to innovate to upgrade, reach wider markets and be efficient than our competitors. ME Universal has over the coarse established subsidiaries, joint ventures and even mergers which has broaden our reach and product offering. Be it introducing new concepts to a particular market or penetrating to a region never explored, we believe it can only happen with right partnerships with a common vision and goal.

Below are some of our Subsidiaries and Affiliated companies which all work in Tandem by bringing their own expertise know how and abilities in fulfilling the vision and mission of the company.

ME Universal IOT Technologies FZ LLC
A Wholly owned company of ME Universal , focusing on providing IOT Solutions through PER SQM, an innovative IOT experience centre which is first of its kind in the region. The company aims to provide commercial and industrial IOT solutions in the coming years.
ME Universal Engineering & Trading Ltd
A Wholly owned company of ME Universal, which is focused on Design engineering, R&D of smart technologies in the field of IOT Application, Waste Management & Cleaning Products and working with international companies to cater to their Prototype requirements.
ME Universal Electro Mech Industries
A Wholly owned company of ME Universal , a full fledge manufacturing facility with state of the art machinery and trained technicians and fabricators is focused on producing waste management products and lighting fixtures.

ME Universal ICT Building Controls FZ LLC
A Subsidiary of ME Universal in collaboration, which provides IOT controls and communication solutions with inhouse R&D. The company focuses on developing various controls for different industrial applications and tends to market it via channel partners.
Sachvac India Pvt Ltd
A Subsidiary of ME Universal in collaboration with Spanish Central Vacuum Manufacturer Sach S.L, the company aims to develop the South East Asian market by providing economical designed models and targets to begin manufacturing the units in India by 2023.
Schonbach India Pvt Ltd
A Subsidiary of ME Universal is focused on providing convergent solutions in the cleaning, waste collection, clean water technology by having their owned designed products and providing as B2B solution to other manufacturers or brand owners as OEM or ODM basis.
Per Sft India Pvt Ltd
An Affiliate company of ME Universal which is focused on introducing disruptive Ai technology in the way homes and spaces are designed, improvised and planned. The company targets to cover 500 outlets across the subcontinent by 2024.
Per Sft Smart Pvt Ltd
A Subsidiary company of ME Universal, aims to develop the concept of IOT Smart Living and Working Space with solutions which are sustainable and energy efficient at the same time unique for the South Asian market. Per Sft Smart aims to cover 400 outlets across Subcontinent belt on a Franchise model outlets.
A Subsidiary company of ME Universal in Joint collaboration with Tesla Power USA , focusing on MENA region for the Automotive, Solar and Inverter Batteries. The company aims to make footprint across MENA region to appoint distributors and dealers, and will provide the highest duration warranty in the industry as well as establish Tesla Stores in 2022 onwards.
ME Integra Wireless Equip & Instruments Trdg LLC
A Subsidiary company of ME Universal involved IoT Technologies in the UAE promoting Wireless Technologies, Smart Living Concepts, Waste Management, Smart Furniture and other trading in specialised products. The company aims to penetrate the building & home automation technologies segment across the U.A.E market.