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Virtual Reality - AEC Industry

Staying ahead of the curve is important in the fast-paced realm of architecture, engineering, and construction. The Virtual Reality for AEC Industry product offered by ME Universal empowers professionals in these fields to visualize their designs like never before.

One of the significant advantages of virtual reality in the AEC industry is the ability to identify and rectify design flaws at an early stage. By immersing themselves in a virtual building representation, professionals can identify potential layout, structure, or functionality issues.

Enhanced communication and collaboration among team members is another crucial benefit of using virtual reality in the AEC industry. With our Virtual Reality for AEC Industry product, all stakeholders involved in a project can easily share their visions and ideas. Visualizing the design in a virtual environment makes it simpler for everyone to grasp the project objectives and ensure that the final result meets the desired specifications.

Architects and designers now have the opportunity to explore and experiment with diverse design options and materials, enabling them to push the boundaries of what can be achieved. The outcome of this is the creation of unique, visually pleasing, and highly functional structures that stand out in the industry.

Our software makes importing 3D models and converting them into immersive virtual reality experiences seamless. Our interface has been designed with intuitiveness, allowing users of all skill levels to navigate their projects effortlessly.

We believe in making our Virtual Reality for AEC Industry products affordable and providing excellent value for money. With competitive pricing, our product is accessible to businesses of all sizes. We are dedicated to ensuring that every AEC industry professional can leverage the power of virtual reality to elevate their projects and advance their work to new heights.

Our Virtual Reality for AEC Industry product equips architects, engineers, and construction professionals with the necessary tools to visualize and innovate like never before. Virtual reality is reshaping how projects are conceived and executed by enabling the early detection of design flaws, improving communication and collaboration, and fueling creativity. Embrace the future of architecture, engineering, and construction with ME Universal's Virtual Reality for AEC Industry products.

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  • Trezi is a first of it's kind platform called the Zoom of the AEC Industry
  • Emerging Tech product driven by 100+ years of real world domain expertise
  • Marquee customers designers, manufacturers, real estate developers and academia
  • Fast becoming its own Metaverse : ‘Treziverse’ Lens, Showcase, Academy and Teleport
  • Over 50 Million sq. ft. of project area worked on using Trezi
  • Experienced the journey from drawing board to VR/AR/XR and Metaverse



  • Trezi Lens
  • Trezi Academy
  • Trezi Showcase

Trezi Lens

Trezi Lens offers a real time, immersive and interactive design experience that articulates design intent to match client expectations, while delivering significant business impact and improved profitability This helps in facilitating communication, collaboration and coordination among the architects/ designers, clients and building product manufacturers

Benefits & Impact

  • Human Scale Real Time Visualization
  • Product Discovery, Comparison & Selection
  • Efficient Creation of Visual Storefronts
  • Technologically advanced cost effective platform
trezi lens
trezi lens


Trezi Showcase is a collaborative platform that provides Digital twin product mock ups with help of AR based product catalogs This helps in reducing the cost of physical mock ups and catalogs, reduces the time to showcase various product options and the interactive design experience intended to match the expectations

Benefits & Impact

  • Rapid Digital Transformation
  • Rapid digital transformation of marketing and sales channels.
  • Virtual Twins of Product Samples & Mockups Immersive Collaborative Platform for Architects
  • Designers and end customers


TAAS is a range of customized professional solutions using cutting edge technologies like Metaverse, AI, VR, AR, MR, Voice based collaboration and others, which we offer to our clients Our services are backed by a team of 3 D Visual Artists and Developers who can help you to optimize your model geometry and create fabulous experiences

Benefits & Impact

  • Bespoke Solution for your specific use case
  • Photorealistic Metaverse Experience
  • Multi user Environment with Customized Solutions Increases
  • Increases Efficient Communication, cost saving and time saving


Trezi Academy is poised to revolutionize design dialogue and discourse by making India’s first fully immersive platform available to architecture and design students to explore and experience design It facilitates real time interaction and collaboration with faculty for better communication of design intent, design development and review

Benefits & Impact

  • Student friendly Price Points
  • Enriches the perception of space, form and geometry
  • Trezi Academy equips students with crucial Technical
  • Facilitates real time interaction between faculty and multiple

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