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Automation & Audio Visual

The explosion in connectivity in recent times has led to smart solutionsbecoming mainstream at home and at business. Constantly-evolving digital technologies allow us today to control remotely almost all functions of anoffice or a factory- be it managing thermostats, security systems or the lighting.

Commercial automation brings with it many advantages including:

  • Cost savings from efficiency & flexibility of operations
  • One-touch operations leading to higher productivity
  • Better monitoring and control of different facilities
  • Enhanced security inside and outside building perimeter
  • Significant energy savings through smart controls

Much of these solutionsleverage the ubiquitous wireless technology and the fast-growing Internet of Things (IOT) framework where smart devices communicate via sensors.

By deploying a tailored solution, companies will have an integrated control over a variety of systems allowing for better operational management, both for today and future demand

Bring in the Future with Cutting-Edge Home Automation Solutions

ME Universal offers the Indian market some of the most advanced products and solutions for automating commercial and industrial solutions such as:

  • Automated controlling system for lighting, tech set ups like video conferencing
  • Automated control for audio-visual equipment, factory machinery and devices
  • Centralised control of air-conditioning, shutters or blinds and curtains
  • Integration of security &surveillance (CCTV) systems, paging or intercomsystems
  • Automated Background Musicsystems for large and small facilities
  • Gate Automation - Boom Barriers, Bollards, Sliding Gates, Garage & Industrial Doors

ME Universal’s product portfolio in automation brings together various aspects of an integrated control system. Our experienced technical team will collaborate with you to design the best suited framework of solutions to fit your automation needs.

  • The first step is assessing your business requirements and the existing infrastructure
  • Our experts will develop a customized solution with the best products for your needs
  • After receiving go-ahead from you, we handle the implementation end -to-end
  • We also offer after-care support through our extended warranty offering

With intelligent automation, a near-total elimination of manual intervention in managing the complex web of facilities in a building is enabled.

Explore the next-gen solutions that ME Universal can offer you.