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Novo Lighting, a brand promoted by ME Universal Engineering and Trading, is based out of India and has offices in Europe andMiddle East. Novo has been associated with major European brands for manufacture of architectural and technical lighting and has a vast experience of supplying and installing more than 200,000 Light fixtures in the past 8 years.

We can achieve value for money Solutions by being able to combine our technical expertise, good logistic management and cost-effective production. With a Specialised range in both Indoor and Outdoor Lighting fixtures in both LED and CFL we can cater to the requirements of Architects, Consultants, Developers for Customisation as per there design.

Novo Lighting provides a comprehensive service for Residential Lighting, Commercial Lighting and Industrial Lighting Fixtures where goal is to save energy, adopt innovation and achieve value for money invested. We are conscious of the fact that you are looking for an easy solution for a better lifestyle, the range designed by our R&D team is specifically focused on projects where the quality requirement is of international stature and at Novo we are committed.

Our aim enhances living to make it easier and assistive in common day to day use. It's just of way of helping us keep independent and improve the quality of our life. We have experienced team of experts waiting to give physical shape to your vision.

We believe the technology infused lighting is a step forward in the Green Building evolution. Our carefully selected and developed Solutions are designed to harness natural light, consume less energy, be minimal in design and shape and yet look modern. Saving energy helps you save money on utility bills and protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the fight against climate change. Pick an Intelligent LED Lighting fixture today, reduce your carbon footprint today.


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