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Sewage & Water Treatment

A Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) is an integral part of a waste management system and helps in recycling waste water for other uses. Installing the right sewage and wastewater treatment plants require a careful understanding of the site condition, occupant usage patterns and statutory environmentalrequirements.

ME Universal Engineering and Trading brings wide range of solutions particularly for Small Community Plants, cluster of home sewage treatment plants, medium sized communities, and larger wastewater treatment plants. These plants are capable of handling any form of wastewater including

  • Domestic and municipal sewage
  • Industrial kitchen wastewater
  • Residential/Individual homes waste
  • Restaurants sewage

Comprehensive and Robust STP Solutions

Every industry and every business has different sewage water composition and our experts use their technical understanding to design and build the STP that will serve their needs not only today but in future as well.

ME Universal Engineering offers its clients STP solutions that are designed by experts with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the latest sewage treatment standards and technologies. Our plants can be designed to handle whatever be your end requirements for the waste water – clean water for reuse in garden, laundry or for flushing.

By understanding your needs and collaborating with our partners our clients receive a wastewater & STP plant that is

  • Fully automatic, sensor based control
  • Chemicals free, biological system
  • Minimal dependence on electrical parts
  • Simple, robust design using best practices
  • Compliant with PCB norms among others
  • Sustainable over long term usage
  • Safe, for humans &the environment

Affordable STPs that Perform Reliably in Tough Conditions

With ME Universal Engineering, you can take advantage of STP solutions that are backed by local expertise and environment friendly technology. These systems are geared to perform with no operator control or chemicals, beating traditional sewage treatment systems.

Speak to our representatives to understand if this innovative solution can be the answer to your needs.

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