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Smart Villas & Mansions

ME Universal Engineering has been working on sustainable model of providing IOT based Smart Solutions for Independent Villa , the concept was that minimum disruption and actual usage of the technology is being done by the house owner and not just a trophy for visitors to impress upon. With the upcoming trend in the market and the scarcity of helpers for households we have carefully design our range which is quite smart as well as compatible to the villa infrastructure of today’s generation.

Most of our range are customised and integrated based on site conditions and requirements of the client but our retrofit systems are of exceptional calibre and can easily enhance your existing system, so your villa is smart in no time.

Some of our solutions offered are :

  • Automation Wireless Sensors & Switches
  • Smart Lighting & Centralised Control System
  • Smart IOT Switches
  • Digital Locks & Motorised Curtains
  • Fire Alarm & Security System
  • Smart Mirror TV
  • Smart Ablution
  • Smart Irrigation System
  • Centralised Vacuum Cleaning System
  • Centralised Air Purifier System
  • Centralised Laundry Collection System
  • Smart Ventilation Fans & Dryer

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