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Centralised Laundry Collection System

Centralised Laundry Collection System has revolutionised the way Laundry used to be managed. Laundry is not restricted by location and works in bungalows, villas, single story and multi-story homes or commercial premises. Regardless of physical location the unique vacuum laundry chute design makes it possible to have multiple laundry port locations in your home that send laundry instantly to the laundry room.

The conventional laundry chute only works in a downward direction and is therefore restricted to two or more story homes.Whether you have a single or multi story home, Centralised Laundry Collection System will transport your laundry up, down, and around to wherever you want. Our amazing laundry room appliance will change your laundry system for ever, more tidy and more free time for you and your family!

Centralised Laundry Collection

The Centralised Laundry Systeminstallation comprises of three elements:

  • Laundry Ports mounted in bedrooms,dressing rooms or bathrooms
  • The laundry room 'Wall mounted' or 'Cabinet' Vacuum Unit
  • The PVC pipe and fittings that connect the ports to the laundry room
Centralised Laundry Collection

Vacuum Laundry Pipe

The unit uses 159mm rigid PVC vacuum pipe and fittings. When the Unit is in use it creates a strong vacuum that would deform regular ridged piping.

The PVC vacuum piping is designed to have a smooth transition between fittings and connections to ensure that clothing, bedding and towels will travel smoothly to the laundry room.

Vacuum Pipe & Fittings

  • Six Inch white vacuum pipe 10' x 6”
  • Six Inch 45 Fitting
  • Six Inch Y Fitting
  • Port 90 custom fitting
  • Clean Out Cap

Centralised Laundry Collection Systemcan be designed for almost any sized home from 1 to 20+ bedrooms, bathrooms and closets by adding additional ports and or additional Laundry appliances.

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