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IOT Smart Consulting

ME Universal works as your partner specializing in delivery of IoT based design, commissioning and installation services across a wide range of essential solutions for your commercial or industrial project. We go beyond just offering products by bringing together a team of highly experienced professionals who have the technical expertise to develop just the right solution for you.

For us, the primary goal is offering innovative solutions that are optimal, cutting-edge, while being designed to enhance productivity and convenience. Our Smart Consulting division has been working with global partner and OEM companies who have developed a tested technology which can be integrated to any space and thus offering a solution which focuses on savings, sustainability, efficiency and future proof for the property owner. Our expertise combines with deep technical and industry experience to bring out the most suited solution using our gained knowledge and hands on experience to match the right technology and product.

Our Usual Approach Involves

  • Meeting the Client team which would involve understanding project goals and client priorities as well as site visit incase within range.
  • Develop design plans including product recommendations and installation approach
  • Finalized plan for installation after incorporating any client feedback
  • Work with installing partners to oversee the implementation process to ensure quality standards are maintained.

What Sets Us Apart from Others

Our unique approach to delivering client projects differentiates us from the remaining integrators in the market:

  • Tailored Solutions: A one-size-fits all approach doesn’t do just to the unique demands of every project and every company. That’s why we design solutions for each project individually.
  • Experienced Team: Our Professional team both inhouse and outsourced have the knowledge and experience necessary for this field, resulting in speedy and high-quality decision making, leading to minimal delays
  • Smart Sourcing: By leveraging our expertise and our wide network we keep adding the best technology to our portfolio to ensure a viable solution
  • Risk Management Abilities: Our robust risk management practice has ensured a smooth delivery of even the toughest and most complex projects
  • Efficient Execution: Our singular focus on operational excellence ensures that projects are delivered on schedule and on budget, without compromising delivery quality.

ME Universal provides full range of Engineering Services in the area of I.T. backbone, Li-Fi wireless Internet networks, centralised system design, Intelligent Building Information & Management Systems, Converged solution through Intelligent connected lighting for security and additional facilities. Some of our Expertise are as below

  • Smart Parking System
  • Visitor & Occupant Entrance System
  • Wireless IP500 / LoRA WAN Radio Frequency network
  • Wireless sensors for outdoor, flooding, intrusion etc applications
  • Internet of Things ( I.O.T.) based IBMS
  • Integrated I.P. system for computers, data, voice, video, lighting, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarm, ( Local Area Network wired + IP500 wireless)
  • Data mining and analytics for customer behaviour/ promotion and advertising
  • Predictive maintenance directly connected to OEM’s

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