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Garbage Chute Collection

Proper garbage disposal is key to achieving an intelligent and sustainable urban landscape. Without a structured system and the right technology, an environment will suffer from sanitary and environmental problems. ME Universal Engineering offers a comprehensive range of recycling and solution designed to meet the needs of the modern day.

In large buildings, it is not practical for residents or housekeeping to move large quantities of garbage from floor to floor on elevators and stairways. Garbage Chute Provides an easy and convenient method of garbage collection in multi-storied buildings. Garbage Chute is the best way to consolidate garbage from around the building into a single location for easier collection. ME Universal Engineering offers Garbage Chutes for Residential & Commercial Buildings, Linen Chutes for Hotels & Hospitals, Debris Chute for Construction Site, Underground Waste Collection System for Public Waste.

Centralised Laundry Collection

Benefits of Garbage Chute

  • Garbage from all the floors gets collected at single point.
  • Garbage could be disposed at any time and multiple times in a day.
  • Allows segregation of garbage into Dry and Wet
  • Reduces Power Consumption.
  • Manpower cost is saved
  • It makes garbage disposal safe and hygienic
Centralised Laundry Collection

Garbage Chute can be Installed In

  • Residential, Commercial Buildings and Malls
  • In any duct, common lobbies, landings, staircase, mid-landings, utility ducts, dry balconies and kitchens.
  • In on floor level, Intake hoppers shall be at every floor level.
  • If at Mid Landing, Intake Hopper shall be alternate floor level.
  • It makes garbage disposal safe and hygienic

Salient Features

  • Manufactured and Installed as per BS 1703:2005, NFPA 82
  • Weather Proof Stainless Steel Construction
  • Sanitation System for Internal Cleaning of Chutes
  • Cleaning Operation by Control Panel in Garbage Room
  • Disinfectants can be sprayed
  • Exhaust System to give minimum 20-40 air changes/hr.
  • Intake Hoppers are 90minute fire rated as per UL Label 10B
  • Auto Closing Intake Hoppers
  • Discharge end fire door.
Centralised Laundry Collection

The Chute system also includes fire safety features like auto closing door at bottom of chute, fire sprinklers and fire rated intake door. Automatic Cleaning system washes the chute from inside with water and disinfectant keeping chute clean and sterilized. An Air went with exhaust fan dispels gases from chute and keep the chute odor free. Manufactured from Stainless steel SS 430/SS/304 grade having thickness of 1.2/1.5/2mm depending upon diameter of chute. Use of Plastic/ Fibre chutes possess risk of fire hazard hence not allowed as per BS/NFPA codes. Stainless steel is corrosion resistance hence gives maximum durability.

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