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Public Address & Evacuation System

ME Universal Public Address & Evacuation System is a state-of-the-art electronic sound amplification system comprising a microphone, amplifier, and high-quality loudspeakers. This sophisticated system is specifically designed to cater to the needs of addressing large public gatherings, offering unparalleled clarity and volume. With its versatility, the ME Universal Public Address & Evacuation System can effortlessly accommodate speech and music, enhancing the auditory experience throughout vast venues or buildings.

Stand-alone systems are practical and easily accessible solutions ideal for small setups. These systems boast effortless installation and compact sizing.
In contrast, customized systems possess the capacity to support a multitude of evacuation and paging zones. Expertly tailored to manage intricate evacuation strategies during emergencies, these systems can prioritize multiple audio inputs and outputs, including microphones and background music.
Networking systems offer scalability and modularity, enabling seamless adaptation to ever-changing demands. They offer the convenience of IP connectivity, facilitating linking multiple sites to a single control or command center. Additionally, these systems can effortlessly integrate with an EPBAX system, providing enhanced flexibility and functionality.
The ME Universal fire alarm system has been meticulously developed with the paramount goal of early fire detection. This system ensures the safety of at-risk individuals by facilitating their escape or promptly extinguishing the fire. Moreover, it effectively prevents extensive property damage.

In summary, the diverse systems discussed cater to various needs and requirements. Stand-alone systems are specifically suitable for small setups, while customized systems for efficiently managing complex evacuation strategies. On the other hand, networking systems offer scalability and seamless integration capabilities. Lastly, the ME Universal fire alarm system aims to detect fires early, guaranteeing the safety of individuals and minimizing property damage.

Digital Addressable system
Infinite Area coverage
Very Early warning & detection system
Hydrocarbon sensors & flame sensors
Explosion-proof & all-weather equipment

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