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Digital Smart Lighting Controller

Digital Smart Centralised Lighting Controller

Digital Smart Lighting Controller

Smart Lighting is a decentralised, IP-based lighting solution for intelligent buildings. Here, standard network cables supply both electricity and information for energy-saving, dimmable LED lighting. This reduces the installation effort compared to conventional networked lighting solutions, since it is not necessary to carry out a separate and cost-intensive installation of a 230-V supply and control BUS.

The Centralised Smart Lighting Controller is a multi-port, constant power supply for up to 24 individually controllable LED lamps. Up to 50 W are supplied per port by means of standardised twisted-pair cables. The integrated control ensures the generation of uniform light and flicker-free dimming. Motion or presence sensors can be connected via three wired bus inputs. In addition, it is possible to integrate light switches or further sensors or actors via wireless communications into the system. The Centralised Smart Lighting Controller is ideally suited for the installation into a suspended ceiling or a 19'' distribution cabinet. This makes it possible to easily expand the lighting installation or perform maintenance tasks.

Digital Smart Lighting Controller

Digital Smart Lighting Controller

LED Lighting will not remain the same as we thought it to be. With driverless fixtures, you can achieve

  • Slim and light fixtures as driver is not required to be accommodated in the fixture
  • No earthing required at fixture level
  • No trained electrician required for installation; no electrocution hazard
  • Fixtures can have mixed CCTs as two circuits, easily controlled to achieve dynamic CCT
  • No one is required to reach to fixtures for maintenance as no drivers are there
  • Dimming is no more an expensive & complicated affair; 100% areas should be dimmable to achieve true energy saving
  • Big data harvesting possible for predictive maintenance and allied use.
  • Can be located 40m+ from the fixture ( maximum 100 meters)
  • Real time energy management and reporting
  • Supports multiple dimming control protocols
  • With Ethernet protocols totally scalable to millions of addresses
  • Healthier lighting solutions- very low ripple current
  • High performance, flicker free, deep dimming of LEDs Long-life LED output stages as this technology has removed output stage electrolytic capacitors.
Digital Smart Lighting Controller

Maintenance & Lifetime

  • Rack-mounted LED drivers are usually located in ambient temperatures of up to 55°C, which significantly improves lifetime.
  • Higher quality components are used in the AC/DC conversion process, ensuring longer life.
  • Spare output channels within a driver can be easily used to support additional requirements, or back up in the event of a channel failure.
  • Centralised, rack-mounted LED drivers are easy to access in the event of changes to the system.
  • Rack-mounted drivers can be located up to 100 metres away from fixtures, enabling drivers to be placed indoors even if fixtures are outdoors, thus mitigating the need to source-IP rated drivers.
  • Due to on-board computer on the centralized driver unit, there is no specific server/ computer required. In case of any CLC failing , overall network works
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