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IP500 - Wireless Network Protocol

IP500 - Wireless Network Protocol

IP500® – An Open, Secure, and Vendor-neutral Platform

IP500 an open, non-proprietary, high-performance, and secure building automation platform, some of the basic features are:

  • IP500 is a wireless IPV6 based mesh sensor network which is developed for low power applications in commercial buildings.
  • It grants sustainability through usage of IPV6 standards.
  • It is a mesh network for lossless and redundant data connection.
  • It provides full security through encrypted communication.
  • IP500 products can be seamlessly integrated in existing building management systems.
  • It can combine both wired and wireless network to meet interoperability requirements.
  • IP500 wireless network can easily be setup and installed based on open standards.
IP500 - Wireless Network Protocol

Different networked sensors, actuators, and other smart devices in different disciplines make up the basis. By using IPv6 (the Internet of Things) and BACnet, the IP500® standard is the ideal platform solution for wireless networking and control in the following areas:

  • Access control and safety locks
  • Fire and smoke alarms
  • Emergency exits
  • Break-in protection
  • Lighting and climate control
  • Messaging and location

The IP500® standard not only simplifies the servicing and maintenance of smart buildings; it also ensures maximum flexibility in the use of different components, the wireless-based solution is ideally suited for swift and easy installation of state-of-the-art communication networks and a free choice of manufacturer. The same applies to mobile terminal devices and apps, such as access cards or messaging apps that can be integrated into the system easily and securely.

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IP500 - Wireless Network Protocol IP500 - Wireless Network Protocol

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