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Integrated Waste Management

Efficient waste management is a pre-requisite for maintaining high levels of hygiene, low maintenance costs and minimised environmental impact within commercial and residential complexes.

For commercial properties in particular designing a waste management system that covers all critical aspects while having the flexibility and robustness to handle increasing demands on it requires the use of proven technologies and technical expertise.

The benefits of moving away from conventional recycling designs to the new tech driven solutions are many

  • Improved operational handling
  • Reduced manpower requirements
  • Easier maintenance of facilities
  • High sanitation levels
  • Operational Cost reduction
  • Easier Segregation of waste

ME Universal Engineering and Trading offers a comprehensive portfolio of the world class high-tech products and solutions for companies to manage their recycling needs. We custom design waste management installations for our clients putting together the most ideal solution for their specific needs.

Technology Driven Waste Management Solutions

Being environmental responsible is becoming a priority today and so investing in world-class waste management systems that are both economically and environmentally soundmakes sense in the long run.

With its waste-nothing approach to resource management, ME Universal develops a fool-proof solution design that helps our clients manage its recycling programs in an efficient manner.

  • Garbage Chute System: Removes the need for manual removal and handling of garbage inmulti-storied complexes. Also available Linen Chutes for hotels, and Debris Chute for construction sites for hassle free management
  • Underground Waste System: An innovative solution that adopts a Deep Drop system in which garbage bins are situated underground eliminating unsightly garbage sites in large public areas like crowded roads, airports etc.
  • Waste Compactors: Backed by high end tech, waste compacters intelligently manage the waste collection processthrough sensors and analytics powered optimisation .It contains an inbuilt feature to compact waste upto 8 times
  • Composting System: With effective composting systems, commercial completes are able to recycle biodegradable waste material cleanly and efficiently. We offer highly engineered and dependable system for easy management

We Deliver A Recycling Solution that Works

Given the wide range of solutions available, it becomes imperative that the right system be adopted for maximum benefits. ME Universal’s team of experts will use its in-depth understanding to install the waste management solutions that will fit your needs.

Find out how our speciality products can help you take control of your complex’s waste management.

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