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Tomatsu - Professional Vacuum

Tomatsu - Professional Vacuum

TOMATSU, is the name for the Professional Wet & Dry cleaning solution provider aiming to provide you with the best range of the vacuum cleaners; specially engineered in the way to best suit to all kinds of your needs. Whether you require cleaning at your factory, warehouse, offices or cleaning on the commercial basis or for the pharmaceutical plant, don’t worry as Tomatsu has the solution for all kinds. You could easily count on our industrial vacuum cleaners as they are versatile, perfectly designed; durable and could be operated in any kind of environment.

With the Tomatsu vacuum cleaners, you would be able to have the best cleaning experience as our all products are designed in the way that are gentle to your walls and floors but not to the dirt and dust. Tomatsu provides different accessories and the cleaning agents that make a perfect match with the vacuum cleaners. Tomatsu has a huge range of the industrial vacuum cleaners including the dry and wet vacuum cleaners that could easily suck the spilled liquids along the dust, highly recommended for Industrial usage, easy to use, available in different sizes and shapes so that you don’t have to worry anymore! All the parts are designed in the way that are complimentary to each other and when they are united that is the time to say goodbye to all the dirt, oil, soil, smallest particles, sand and dust.

Swaach Vac - Static Power Vacuum

Understanding the needs of all, whether it is about the commercial need or about cleaning the big plants in industries, Tomatsu has brought the specially designed products that are just right for the special cleaning purposes. Tomatsu caters its services to the variety of the industries by providing them the specially designed vacuum cleaners. Tomatsu is committed to provide the better cleaning Solutions to the customers on the industrial and the commercial level so that they could select the product of their choice that would provide them the great cleaning experience. The commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners are designed specifically for meeting the huge industrial and commercial needs, therefore, we offer the heavy duty vacuum cleaners having the huge capacities about 60Litres to 100Litres, understanding the big requirements of the big industries and the commercial plants.

Some Industries Tomatsu Range can provide cleaning Solutions:

Could be used for the recycling and the purification purposes;

Could be helpful in the different cleaning operations, providing help in the intake of the various food particles, absorbing the humidity in the food industry;

For Providing the specially designed vacuum cleaners that could be used for the thorough cleaning and able to suck all the fibre present in the air;

It could be used to take all the dust and the residues that are produced during the manufacture of the glass and the fibre products;

It Could be used for the cleaning purposes as well as for the purification of the air;

It could be used for the cleaning purpose of the surfaces of the different equipment and the plant thus helping in the maintenance and increasing the efficiency of the plant.

For the cleanup of the dust and the clinker, specifically in the routine cleaning and the maintenance of the boiler;

It could be used for the cleanup of the waste such as the casting pit, scrapings of metal, slag, etc. generated as the result of the different operations of the foundry;

It could be used for the recycling and cleaning purposes;

It could be used for the cleanup of the waste produced due to the packaging and the other operations to reduce the pollution. Providing help in maintaining the clean and healthy environment;

For the cleanup of the smoke and the powder resulted from the different operations and also effective in absorbing the hazardous particles;

For the cleanup of the small pieces of metal and the dust that is generated in the different manufacturing processes.

Customised Solutions for Client Requirements can be done by Design Engineers and the Factory can build it for your needs.

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