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About Dentozone - Intra Oral Led Light

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Dentozone is the first company in the world to have developed the sterilizing dental water system, a dental equipment of the next generation, and is always striving to develop innovative Solutions and satisfy customers. Dentozone’s sterile dental water system developed and manufactured by Dentozone Corporation has proven safety, effectiveness and convenience for dental professionals that chemical disinfectants or similar Solutions from other companies cannot match. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly product that does not harm humans or the environment and can most effectively purity and sterilizes dental unit water that is quite costly.

The stylish and modern design, various high-tech functions available for customers’ convenience, and the improved customer service all make our Solutions stand out in the international dental market. Also our Solutions have been certified by many well-recognized international associations, and can guarantee quality and safety. Especially, our company has recently completed the development of one unit chair model (HX-711!)That enables to easily install & maintenance and matches water gap regulation code by built-in Air gap device.

Dentozone will continue to research and develop in order to achieve our customer’s satisfaction with a wide range of choice. We ask for your continued support while Dentozone further grows into the leading company in the world’s dental equipment market.

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