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Building Smart Spaces with Wireless Self-Powered Energy Harvesting Technology

Wireless technology

With the advent of the latest technologies combined with automation, the wireless technology domain has seen a remarkable improvement and enabled humankind to lead a sustainable life and get advanced and enhanced lifestyle quality.

While many wireless technologies such as Low power wide area networks (LPWANs), cellular networking (3G/4G/5G), Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, RFID, etc. are being developed and getting advanced scientists have tried to push the limits and came up with Wireless Self Powered Technology which is a wireless technology used for energy harvesting that can be implemented in building automation systems, industrial sectors, logistics, and most importantly smart home.

But one might raise this question:

What is the need to implement such highly advanced systems in homes while these actions can be performed by simple cable and wires. However, one should understand as these constructions are getting higher in terms of buildings heights and people are looking to utilize the space more efficiently, having these long cables all around the home or being able to supply such lengthy cables can be a tedious task.

And that’s when IoT devices manufactured by using Wireless Self-Powered Technology helps to make our homes wireless and minimize the consumption of energy usage, thus helping us save on energy bills.

How does Wireless Self-Powered Technology work?

These self-powered technologies use the energy derived from mechanical motion, potential energy from other sources such as indoor light, temperature differences by using the principle of energy harvesting (a process in which the energy is derived from various external sources and will be stored for small scale wireless devices).

In order to make our homes smart, this Wireless Self-Powered Technology can be implemented in self-powered wireless switches and energy harvesting wireless sensors. These switches and sensors use the energy derived from various sources and energy fluctuations and convert those energies into energy which can be used to run these devices by using energy converters such as electromagnetic, solar, and thermoelectric energy converters.

Benefits and advantages of using Wireless Self Powered Technology are making self-powered wireless switches and sensors:

  • As these are self-powered, there would be no requirement of electrical energy or even the usage of batteries to power them; thus, it will save both the energy resources, and users can reduce their bills on energy consumption.
  • With these devices, almost 25% of space can be reduced when compared to using wires and cables.
  • These devices will allow the users to save their costs in new projects and retrofit installations.
  • By using self-powered wireless switches and sensors, users can reduce their energy consumption and also CO2 emissions.
  • Integration, maintenance, and interoperability will be much simple and easy with energy harvesting wireless technology.
  • As these systems come with varied ranges, i.e., from 30m indoor to 300m outdoor and available in various frequencies, users will be able to build their spaces with desired wireless setups.

Hence, With Wireless Self-Powered Technology getting advanced and improved every year, devices build using these technologies make human life much easier and comfortable

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