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Waste Management

For many years, trash chutes have been used to transport rubbish from offices, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial buildings. These systems typically consist of a vertical chute that leads down to a disposal bin located in the basement.

Recently, because of the desire to increase efficiency at these facilities, innovations have been made in this area and now include dual trash and linen chute systems.

What is a Garbage Chute System?

Waste Management

A garbage chute system is a simple, effective method for disposing of waste materials. Since garbage chutes are built within the wall of a building, the garbage disposal is made more accessible and more convenient for tenants.

Chute systems are standard in apartment buildings and residential areas, but they are not limited to these facilities. A wide range of commercial establishments can also benefit from installing a chute system.

Garbage & Linen Chute System is a mechanical system specially designed to collect and dispose of waste hygienic and un-intrusive efficiently.

A chute system is the most practical and efficient way of transporting waste and linen. With a chute system, waste can be transported easily, with less time spent handling, carrying, and disposal.

The most apparent advantage of a garbage chute system is its ability to transport items quickly and efficiently. The force of gravity makes it easy to toss things into the chute, falling into a dumpster or trashcan below.

This eliminates the need for tenants to drag heavy bags full of trash down several flights of stairs to dispose of them; instead, bags can be tossed into the chute from any floor where it is installed.

Another significant benefit of this type of disposal system is its sanitary qualities. Because waste items are kept entirely within the walls, there is no chance that they will meet people as they are being transported or disposed of.

In addition, once they reach their destination in the dumpster or trashcan, they can be sealed out of sight until ready to be removed by the waste management company.

The most common type of garbage chute uses gravity based system to collect and transport waste materials from multiple floor levels to a single collection point. As trash flows through the chute, it is separated for recycling by non-mechanical means. The system operates by gravity, so no power source is required.

How Does It Work?

Waste Management

Garbage chutes work by gravity. The waste thrown into the chute falls through it and then is collected in a big container at the bottom of the building. In most buildings, this container is emptied by a garbage truck regularly.

Linen chutes work similarly, but instead of collecting garbage, they collect dirty towels and sheets from the rooms where they have been used. They are usually found in hotels or hospitals.

The chute is a tube that runs from the top to the bottom of the building, with door openings along its length so residents can dispose of their trash.

Trash drops directly from the door opening into an airlock chamber. The airlock has two entrances: one on top and one on the bottom. When the bottom door is closed, it seals off a portion of the chute from the rest of the building.

Air pressure in this sealed-off section pushes open the top door, and trash falls into the compactor located beneath it.

When all trash has fallen into the compactor, pressurized air closes the top door and opens the bottom one so that another portion of the chute can be emptied. Meanwhile, large trucks are standing by outside your apartment building to haul away your trash.

Bottom Line

The Waste Management – Garbage & Linen Chute System is specially designed to conveniently convey garbage and waste from the kitchens and laundry rooms in vertical buildings.

It is also ideal for bathrooms where sanitary drainage lines must be installed without intruding on the plumbing system.

When the need arises for a chute system, it is best to call the experts—as with any complicated construction project, having a company with experience in construction and working with garbage and waste management will ensure a successful outcome.

It can be disastrous if an inexperienced company takes on this responsibility. Make sure you know what you are getting into before agreeing to one of these projects.