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Water Saving Technology into our Daily Life with Smart Digital Showers

Smart Digital Showers

While technology is advancing at a rapid pace and overwhelming improvements in artificial intelligence, there have been significant changes in the way humans interact with the subjects around them. One such common interaction is taking a shower with a traditional mixer valve controller, but have you ever wondered how it would be when smart technologies are introduced into these showers?

Well, that’s when the next generation of highly advanced smart digital showering devices are made. Unlike in mixer showers, where all the controls are manual, the digital showers use electric power and digital processors to control the parameters such as flow rate, water temperature, and outlet position. Taking digital showers, a step ahead companies have introduced smart digital showers in which the devices allow the user to control every aspect of their showering experience, where along with temperature, flow rate, outlet position, even the duration and pressure of the shower can be controlled, and these devices can be paired with a smart homes system such as Amazon Alexa, thereby allowing the user to control the smart digital shower through their voice commands.

Components and technologies used in Smart digital Showers:

  • A Remote thermostat to control the temperature of the water.
  • A touch screen LED display to visualize the parameters and control all other settings.
  • Dual Outlets typically overhead rain shower and regular detachable spray head.
  • A Smartphone technology to control the shower with a smartphone or smart home systems
  • Programmable functions to set up the preferred functions and settings like “bath-fill.”

Benefits of using a Smart digital shower:

Smart Digital Showers
  • Simple and easy to control: With Smart digital showers, the users can control all the aspects of their showering experience, and they can avoid the hassle of fiddling with the outlets, tuning the water flow with knobs and dials.
  • Consistency: Smart Digital showers allow the users to control the temperature, flow, pressure and provide the “fill the bathtub” option. Hence, providing the right temperature and depth of the water. Thus, allowing the users to have the same showering experience every single day.
  • Safety and Protection: New generation Smart digital showers come with features such as “auto turn off” and “controller check,” where it turns off automatically if the temperature of the water reaches extremes and the water flow stops after a duration of time, thus reducing the wastage of water and keeping the users safe and secured.
  • Ability to integrate with other smart devices: The users can control the smart digital shower with their smartphones or smart home systems like Alexa.
  • Keeping a check on the water consumption: Users can keep track of the amount of water they are using and thereby control their water bills and wastage.

Thus, Smart digital showers/baths have revolutionized how humans could take their showers. With these highly advanced devices, people can have more control over their bathing experience of themselves and their families. As the technologies evolve, Smart digital showers will receive more advanced features and get efficient and affordable.