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Push Pull Door Locks to keep you Safe and make life Convenient

push pull door locks

As security is turning out to be the major concern of this 21st century, tech industries are trying to push the limits of the advancements in the security systems of various devices, and door locking system has no exceptions to it.

While on the one hand, companies are trying to develop more innovative and highly advanced technologies, on the other hand, significant importance is also being given to the design, convenience, and practicality of using these locking systems.

push pull door locks

Scientists and industrial designers have put in years of their research and testing results to build a highly advanced door locking system known as "Push Pull Door Locks," which not only designed to be a reliable locking system but also to act as a practical solution for all inconveniences faced while handling the door locks. In contrast, the conventional door lock systems have some major drawbacks and have certain behaviour patterns, which makes them hard to use and dangerous at times..

Here are some of the drawbacks associated with conventional door locks:

  • The process of opening the door is inconvenient as one has to hold the knob, turn it or sometimes grip them tightly and push it to some weird angle, thus making it difficult if you don't have a free hand to operate.
  • As these door locks will be handled by many people, and if one of the people has some illness, there could be a probability of cross-contamination..

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push pull door locks

Well, in order to provide a one-stop solution for all these problems associated with the conventional door locks, companies have introduced the "Push Pull Door Locks," in which a simple push or pull action can open the door.

Thus, making it a convenient method to open the door without using their wrists or complete hands.

Key features of the "Push Pull Door Locks " systems:

  • Designed to perfection:Push Pull Door Locks come with a unique design that has been made while keeping in mind about the ergonomics of human hands, thus ensuring that opening and closing the door is so simple as never before..
  • Easy to use and operate:with Push Pull Door Locks, the users can open the door even if they are holding other things in both hands by just simply pushing either with the body or the forearms.
  • Anti-bacterial surface:These Push Pull Door Locks come with an anti-bacterial surface that has a 99.9% anti-bacterial rate, making sure that there is cross-contamination between the users.
  • Life protection from fire: As Push Pull Door Locks are not made with the typical metals like that of the conventional ones that get heated up during fire accidents, Push Pull Door Locks come with a unique surface material that protects the hand's burnings during fire accidents.

Thus, Push Pull Door Locks transformed the industry of door locking systems by providing high quality locking systems which is an amalgamation of technology with artistic design and offering high security features while keeping the convenience and ease of handling of the users as the top priority.

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