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POE Lighting Managed Via Centralized Lighting Controller

The future of lighting will become smarter than it is right now.With Power Over Ethernet (POE), lighting will not require a separate wiring for both network connection and power connection. A single cabling will deliver both to the outlets. Before the revolutionary smart technology by, this might have been possible with a double layer of wiring carrying data connection and electricity. Today, ME Universal Engineering is making it possible to deliver not less than 1000W from the Centralized Lighting Controller.

Who Can Benefits From POE LED Lighting?

Everyone benefits from PoE delivered lighting. It’s a human-centric approach to lighting which has the potential to change how we’ve been using and deploying electricity. Lighting can positively or negatively affect people, it can cause disruption to human circadian rhythm. With ME Universal Engineering LED Lighting, lighting can be controlled to increase performance, productivity and general well-being.

Why Centralized Lighting Controller (CLC) ?

In a typical commercial and residential building, lighting accounts for a substantial part of energy consumed. No doubt, using LED lighting options have helped businesses to save enormous energy cost. This could be better through the use of ME Universal LED Lighting on PoE. Of course, LED is driving a change in energy consumption especially due to the energy saving potential, the longer lifespan and low maintenance cost.


With the revolutionary technology of Centralized Lighting Controller (CLC), businesses can bring together lighting, Internet of Things devices, HVAC, sensors, building automation and several other data reliant technologies in one place.With the Microsens Centralized Lighting Controller in place, there can be new ways of interacting with people, gathering and sharing of data, as well as providing a more enjoyable working environment.

There are also options for dimmability and color rendition of the workspace. With the PoE involved, you can determine and estimate future energy needs based on the current usage. This will provide decision makers enough data to plan for the future of the business expenses.