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Laundry Collection System– Clothes gets a Transport System

Laundry Collection System is truly the first modern, on demand whole home vacuum laundry delivery system to revolutionise your laundry room. Laundry Collection System is not restricted by location and works with both single story and multi-story homes, or commercial premises, using our efficient patented vacuum system to transport dirty laundry at the touch of a button. Say good bye to the over flowing full laundry basket and multiple laundry baskets across your home. Our unique vacuum laundry chute design makes it possible to have multiple laundry port locations in your home to send laundry instantly to the laundry room./p>

200 years ago the first laundry chutes were a simple hole in the floor and you would just drop dirty laundry in the hole. By definition the traditional laundry chute only works in a downward direction so is restricted to two story homes and above. What do you do if the perfect location for the laundry room isn’t in the basement or ground floor? The hole and later laundry chute doors were further restricted in location as they needed to be directly above, or nearly above, the final collection or cleaning location to make them effective, and they must not interfere with the structural integrity of the building.

Laundry Collection System
Laundry Collection System

This is not the case with our state-of-the-art vacuum laundry chute. No matter if you have a single story 1 bedroom home or multi story 20 room home or larger, Laundry Collection System will work for you, sending your laundry up, down, and around and from and to, wherever you want in your home or building. Our amazing laundry room appliance will change your laundry system for ever, adding fun, tidiness and more free time for you and all the family!

With just a touch of a button send dry, or slightly damp, dirty laundry into your laundry chute port directly to the laundry room including:

  • Towels
  • Bed Sheets and Light Blankets
  • Jeans and Trousers
  • Shirts, T Shirts, Socks and Underwear

Send items to your laundry room from any room in your home, as you disrobe or make the bed. Gone are the days of piles of soiled clothing in laundry baskets, bedrooms and bathrooms, waiting for someone to collect and carry them to your laundry room. No more negotiating the stairs with your face in armfuls of dirty laundry or heavy bulky laundry baskets.

Looking for a laundry room idea to help keep a clean and tidy home? With Laundry Collection System it just became a lot easier and so much more fun, especially for those untidy kids. Why throw dirty clothes on the floor when you can click a button and watch them almost magically zip away to the laundry room.

Add our laundry system into your new home design, or retrofit to your existing home and save time, keep your house tidy and automate this daily laundry chore for you and your family.

Laundry Collection System

Laundry Collection System comes in a range of three different systems to suit any sized home or budget, from the smallest 1 port option, to the largest 8 port system.

  • Laundry Collection System Eco- up to 3 ports from a maximum of 200 linear feet to the furthest port.
  • Laundry Collection System Pro for the medium to larger home with a larger capacity and unto 6 ports in a system with a maximum recommended distance form the furthest port of 200 feet
  • Laundry Collection System Plus, our top of the range model that is designed to be enclosed in your custom cabinet and with the largest clothing capacity, up to 8 ports and with the furthest up to 200 linear feet away from the laundry room.

Laundry Collection System is designed for any sized home or number of rooms and ports and is modular, so perfect for your own home’s specific layout.