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Garbage Chute System

Garbage Chute, the Only Solution to your Building Waste

Our current world is now fast paced and everything requires a bit of urgency. The new description for the speed that has characterized our range of activities has been given a new caption – Smart. We now have smart homes, smartphones, smart wears etc. However, with the smart version of everything now breaking forth, garbage disposal shouldn’t be left behind.

High rise buildings, sky scrapers and large pent houses usually feature a lot of sophistication and luxury but it continues to miss out on a major hallmark of urban development – a garbage chute system. The larger the building, the more chances of a high amount of daily waste. One major challenge often faced by high rise buildings is how to get rid of solid waste properly. The central chute garbage system is out to ensure that your million-dollar monument is always clean and healthy.

Why should you install the garbage chute disposal?

  • Superb operational sequence
    Central chute has an operational sequence that provides for a smarter way of disposing your waste. To operate your central chute system, you can toggle the control to either the “wet” or “dry” mode.
  • Smart interface
    The smart interface feature of the central chute allows for a more organized way of disposing your waste. While the chute is being operated on a floor, the “busy” indicator comes up and the intake hoppers remains inaccessible from other floors.
  • Easy usage
    The intake hoppers are easily accessible. They are operated manually and each individual garbage bags can be manually dropped down the central chute. The intake hoppers have been programmed to close automatically after which the system is reset for subsequent garbage and trash disposal. The transition time is rapid – 10 seconds.

Organic waste composter

Waste management has become a major issue in the contemporary world. Multiple questions have been asked about what to do with the waste and this has led to an increasing focus on the 3R’s; reduce, recycle and reuse.

The composter feature of the central chute is fully automated and highly efficient. It uses special microorganisms to breakdown and decompose different kinds of organic waste in to compost within 24 hours. This gives you an excellent medium of waste reduction by up to 85%-90%.

The central chute spotted the need for high-rise buildings to have an efficient and effective garbage system thereby, providing you with a garbage chute that exceptionally combines performance and function.