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Central Vacuum System

Central Vacuum Cleaning System – Your Way To Absolute Commercial& Industrial Cleanliness.

Vacuuming has to be one of the least attractive activities not just in most homes but also in commercial and industrial environment. It could be downing and disheartening especially when you have to visit the store from time to time to purchase a new vacuum.

Contrary to what is derivable from portable vacuums, a central vacuum cleaning system proffers a smart solution to all your cleaning woes. The question is why most CEO and business owners haven’t installed one since it pips its portable counterpart in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. The most common misconception about central vacuum cleaners is that for it to be installed in a pre-existing building, a major renovation and breaking down of walls are involved – absolutely wrong.

The four main parts of a central vacuum cleaner includes

  • A pipe situated in the chase, wall or false ceiling and connecting the central vacuum unit
  • Vacuum inlets fixed to the pipework.
  • The central vacuum unit usually located in utility room or basement (always protected from adverse weather)
  • Flexible hose for cleaning, furnished with accessories suitable for any need

The combination of this basic central vacuum cleaner parts results in healthy environment for your office or public structure.

Here are some reasons why a central vacuum cleaner is what you need for your industrial and commercial cleaning purposes

Super Interactive interface

Schonbach central vacuum cleaners gives you room for more interaction with your unit and this makes your cleaning a lot easier. The sensitive touchscreen display makes it easy for you to perform your task. You can monitor the progress of your cleaning from time to time with real time messages and promptings relating to maintenance followed by instructions on how to execute them.

Ease of operation

The technical features and the components of the Schonbach vacuum cleaner simplifies the whole process of vacuuming. The incorporation of advanced technology and display screen makes it easy for you to get the job done with much ease. Thanks to the graphic display, cleaning and maintenance operations are supported by images for easy understanding – you don’t always need your user manual.

Energy consumption control

Schonbach is focussed on optimum efficiency at a reduced energy cost. Compared to what is obtainable from common vacuum cleaners, Schonbach central cleaners have now discovered an efficient way of toning down your energy bill by incorporating new blowing motors. The blowing motors have a much better energy efficiency rating (IE2 standard) that is able to provide you with a clean work surface at a lower consumption.

Auto Filter cleaning

One of the most daunting part of a typical vacuuming process is having to clean your filter after you are done. The Schonbach central vacuum cleaner has provisions for the installation of an auto-cleaner system. The Auto-cleaner can be programmed according to your choice and can be installed after your vacuum cleaner has been put in place.

Why should you install the Schonbach central vacuum cleaner?

Standard business laws and regulations makes provision for a clean environment and this central vacuum cleaner makes it easy for you to stay on the right side of the law. Also, its efficiency and effectiveness gives you a healthy work environment that is safe for your clients and personnel as well.