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HVLS Fans, the revolution in Green Energy for Air Cooling

Are you in search of a heating and cooling system that is sufficient enough to meet the temperature needs of your entire home or business? Or you need a system that warms you through the winter and keeps you cool all summer? Chopper Fans’ High Velocity Ventilation fan remains your perfect solution.

This fan is a major breakthrough in technology that gives you a luxury of performance and function at a lesser price. This high velocity fan works better than your common traditional units. Their mode of operation is similar to older versions of HVAC systems although in terms of cooling and heating your home, they work at a higher efficiency.

There is usually a heat pump or compressor located outside your home that allows air travel through and enter your building via the vents. Chopper Fans High Velocity Ventilation fans are not only better than their counterparts in terms of efficiency, they significantly lower your energy bills with their energy-conscious performance.

Why should you install this High Velocity Low speed Fan?

The technology of home ventilation has continued to advance and Chopper Fans High Velocity Ventilation Fans’ flexibility and reliability means that as a home or business owner, you can now enjoy your desired temperature all season long.

Some of the benefits of the high velocity ventilation fans includes

  • Higher efficiency at a lower noise: this Chopper fan glides through its working process and your comfort isn’t interrupted with any annoying operational sound. The exhaust fans works in a very quiet mode leaving you with a tranquil and serene environment.
  • Unlimited Usage: the Chopper Fans HVLS isn’t limited to a particular season of the year. It provides you with an absolute utility through all seasons. The HVLS keeps you warm when the winter is at its peak and in the hot summer, it supplies you with cool air.
  • Even temperature: this high velocity fan affords you with an even airflow all through your house. Wall to wall, floor to ceiling, it ensures that there is no particular cold spot or hot spot within your space.
  • Versatility: the Chopper Fan HVLS is absolutely versatile, it can be used in conjunction with any air enhancing accessory or system to provide a good air mixture and dilute contaminated or stale air. It doesn’t interfere with your air enhancing system by producing a negative air build up.
  • Super friendly user interface: the control panel is totally easy to operate and provides for a smooth selection of your preferred fan speed to suit all seasons. The control interface can be made inaccessible to prevent unauthorized access and it can also be linked to a computerized HVAC system control for a better experience.

Effect of the Chopper High Velocity Lowspeed fan

When you hear the name “High Velocity”, you are likely to think of a high speed equipment that makes a lot of noise but the Chopper HVLS works quieter than your other units. This fan is a mix of high efficiency and low noise combined with much savings on your energy bill.