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SENSFIX - Machine 2 Service Platform

Sensfix’ s Machine-2-Service platform (on-cloud or on-premise) provides web/mobile Apps to different human stakeholders in a manufacturing facility connecting them collaboratively to third-party IoT sensors, IoT applications and leverages AI to directly integrate the predictive intelligence from IoT into Operations & Maintenance workflows.

It enables physical assets to self-schedule/dispatch jobs, launch service-tickets on their own and allows a transparent, traceable and tamper-proof monitoring of tasks for all stakeholders in real-time. sensfix’s sens-Facility suite allows manufacturing facilities to -

  • Reduce the “time to fix” by an additional 50% over the existing solutions (Field Service Management or Enterprise Asset Management or Service Lifecycle Management) by fully automating several key steps which require manual or semi-automatic intervention
  • Reduce the repair and maintenance cost up to 30% by providing one-stop software solution, first time correct diagnosis and higher success rate.
  • Increase the productivity of repair and maintenance crew up to 15% by tightly integrating real-time audio/video into workflow; and combining task prioritization with route-optimization and inventory Management.

Using Sensfix SaaS platform, plant managers (or Operations & Maintenance managers) of the manufacturing facility can fully digitalize their workflows to enable assets & devices under their management to - self-schedule, self-ticket and self-manage their repair & maintenance instantaneously and automatically. This leads to automated dashboard-less operations, machine-initiated real-time service ticketing and further facilitates the integration of downstream AR/VR based mobility solutions.

SENSFIX - Machine 2 Service Platform

Sensfix’s Machine-2-Service Platform

Sensfix’ s offering includes the following:

  • AI driven workflow orchestration and automation engine
  • Predictive maintenance and automated triggering of service workflows for industrial motors
  • Restful APIs for integrating sensfix cloud (or on-premise) into the customer’s cloud (or on-premise).
  • Restful APIs for sensfix’ s universal, secure and scalable IoT platform that onboards new IoT applications automatically.

Sensfix has tie-ups with providers across the value-chain (OEMs, Distributors, System Integrators, Contractors, Installers etc.). Its strategic partnerships to upsell/cross-sell to Medium/Big enterprises include – i) several leading German OEMs, ii) A global leader in Engineering engaging with their EV Charging Division, iii) A Global Oil & Gas MRO (Maintenance, Repairs & Operations) company, iv) A Global Facility Management Group in Prop Tech and v) a European Energy & Utilities company for Energy sector.

Sensfix has 24 customer engagements in total in the segments of Facility Management, IIoT, Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities as of today. Current pipeline will lead to $1.5M in ARR by Q4/2021. Its customers improve Machine Uptime (MU), reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and increase First visit success-rate (FVSR) leading to a decrease in equipment maintenance costs by 30%.

SENSFIX - Machine 2 Service Platform

Key Differentiation of Sensfix over other competitor solutions:

  • ~ 50% workflow reduction by fully automating several steps Self-learning workflows that optimize & evolve using ML/AI
  • Transparent, Traceable and Tamper-proof monitoring of tasks in real-time by all stakeholders of repair & maintenance business process enabled by Blockchain
  • Deeper integration of audio-video links into the workflow to enhance crew-productivity

SENSFIX - Machine 2 Service Platform

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