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Industrial Vacuums

Tomatsu - Industrial Vacuum Machines: Powerful, Strong and Effective Vacuuming

In different industries, tons of waste is generated on a daily basis. There is usually the challenge of finding the right vacuum cleaner to deal with the mess. Industries are often left with no choice than to utilize manual means to get the waste cleaned. This often leads to an additional overhead cost for the business. This is the problem Tomatsu aims to help industries and business solve their waste cleaning problem through industrial vacuum cleaners that are strong and powerful enough to take in between 60 to 100 liters of both dry and wet waste at a go. Tomatsu is all about giving industries a professional grade vacuum.

In reality, every factory deserves a Tomatsu Industrial Vacuum Cleaner. The industry you operate doesn’t matter, in as much that you generate waste, you could use the helping hand of a Tomatsu Industrial Vacuum Machine. If you operate a dry cleaning, a laboratory, furniture manufacturing and finishing, construction, demolition and renovation, equipment repair, printing, leather manufacturing, textile manufacturing, photo processing, and even food processing, then you need to rely heavily on an Industrial Vacuum Machine for cleaning as well as reusing the waste.

There are no less than 6 Tomatsu Industrial Vacuum Machine to choose from. Each with different specifications and features for similar purposes; getting both dry and wet waste out of sight. A single Tomatsu Industrial Vacuum Cleaner will do the combined job of 6 human cleaners working on an 8hrs daily shift. With the Tomatsu Industrial Vacuum Machines, you’ll be cutting out the work of 5 additional employees saving your factories on a lot of overhead costs. That’s not all; you’ll be wondering what makes the Tomatsu Vacuum Machines industrial grade;

The strength of The Materials.

Of course, several businesses and entrepreneurs have tried using a regular vacuum cleaner in their factories. The result is quite simple; they all failed as the regular domestic vacuum machinesare not built to handle the rugged nature of factories. They are meant to treat domestic waste alone. This is where Tomatsu started from, using stainless steel and metal frame. There’s rarely any material this sturdy and durable frame cannot handle. Whatever you throw at it, it will keep.

Big Power and Suction

Being an industry, the waste will need enormous power to be vacuumed, and this is present in all of Tomatsu Industrial Vacuum Cleaners. Even if it’s a welding factory, there’s a Tomatsu Vacuum Machine that is strong enough to take in all the metal particles and waste. In a food processing industry where there’s a good number of wet waste, the Industrial Vacuum Cleaners will never stop functioning.

Alternative Energy Options and Efficiency

Industries are already high on energy usage, and the vacuum cleaners should not be an additional energy burden. This is why every of Tomatsu Industrial Vacuum Machines is built with energy efficiency in mind. There are even those that rely on 100AH batteries that can be used for between 3 to 4 hours stretch till the next charge.