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Domestic vacuum cleaner
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Up to 6500 sq.ft

The right vacuum cleaner in every house

Sistem Air domestic vacuum units can meet any kind of domestic installation need, for surfaces up to 600 mq.

The central units are fitted with a connection for an air vent, this means that dust particles and mites are expulsed to the outside, avoiding allergy problems.

They can be placed in plant rooms, garages, cellar rooms or even on balconies.

3116.2TS - Tecno Star Dual Power vacuum unit

Up to 4900 sq.ft

  • 2 user
  • 50/63 mm piping network
  • air exhaust carried to the outside
3116.2TS - Tecno Star Dual Power vacuum unit

The central vacuum unit has the following main features:

  • Intelligent software to control and manage the maintenance cycles
  • Double motor: for two different micro lines or “Turbo” function, for more powerful vacuuming with just one activated micro line
  • The central units can be connected to the piping network either from the right or the left
  • The polyester filter cartridge is certifi ed L class and can be washed with water
  • 220/240 V ac power supply
  • IP20 protection level
  • Break valve
  • Double protection electronic board and Soft Start
  • Double protection electric control board with fuse block switches both on the main and secondary circuit
  • Thermal switch to protect the motor
  • System for dusty filter/dust bag full warning
  • Body entirely realized in plastic material, it’s shock resistant, light and long lasting
  • Rust proof screws and bolts
  • Vacuum unit noise level below 70 dB
  • Metal dust container (holds 62 litres) with wheels for movement
  • Possibility to install the Autocleaner device