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Tomatsu - Industrial Vacuum

Tomatsu is a leading manufacturer of electric, automatic and industrial vacuum cleaners specifically design for intensive cleaning. Tomatsu offers powerful industrial and commercial vacuum cleaners ideal for stationary and mobile use. It’s not just about powerful vacuum cleaners but accessories and cleaning agents that takes your cleaning experience to the next level. The commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners are designed specifically for meeting the huge industrial and commercial needs, therefore, we offer the heavy-duty vacuum cleaners having the huge capacities about 60Litres to 100Litres, understanding the big requirements of the big industries and the commercial plants.

Our industrial vacuum cleaners are built to handle spilled oil, grease, liquids and dirt, and the mixture of both along it way. Just understand your needs and we will recommend the perfect vacuum cleaner that will change your experience with cleaning. We have an Inhouse design team who will customize the machines to suit your requirement.


As an internal brand, Tomatsu Vacuum Cleaners is utilized in several industries. Our industrial vacuum cleaners are strong enough to handle the industrial cleaning of dirt, dusts and debris. The scrubbers and brushes of our vacuum cleaners are strong enough to carry out zero-dirt cleaning in the following industries;

  • Steel and Cement
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Microelectronics
  • Oil, Gas and Chemical
  • Glass
  • Leather and Cotton
  • Hotel and Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Food Processing

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