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Swaach Vac - Static Power Vacuum
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Swaach Vac - Static Power Vacuum

Swaach Vac - Static Power Vacuum

Universal Engineering & Solutions  and Inter Vac Design USA introduces Swaach Vac Static Vacuum Cleaner into the 21st century with its unique and sleek design, hypo-allergenic filtration for a cleaner environment and installation flexibility. At just 9 pounds, the Swaach Vac is easy to remove and use in other locations such as an RV or Boat. Swaach Vac has a powerful 12 amp, 113 cfm twin fan, with a newly upgraded turbo motor that runs quieter and with less vibration.

Swaach Vac are Made in U.S.A, come with a full 6 year warranty and have been the choice of Real Estate Developers, Builders, Architects , Consultants, Yacht builders and RV manufacturers for years.

Swaach Vac is a sleek, powerful, upscale system, injection moulded from hi-tech polycarbonate for a long lasting and durable, non-corrosive finish. Our Swaach Vacuum has one feature no other vacuum can duplicate, the ability to flush mount the system into a 2 x 4wall or into a cabinet. Our patented design for flush mounting gives the Swaach Vac the finished look that all other vacuum systems lack. And installation is so simple; any homeowner can do it, especially our wall mount model which only takes four screws for installation.

With just 4" depth and the integrated tool caddy and hose storage, Swaach Vac takes only 2 1/2 square feet of wall space to install, compared with 6 square feet or more for other Swaach Vacuums. All the tools and the 40 foot stretch hose are in one place. No more scrambling around to find the misplaced small dust brush or scratching the side of the car with a hard to maneuver shop vacuum.

The easy to install Universal Swaach Vac fits into 2 -1/2 square feet of space while providing power vacuum performance. You will appreciate the everyday convenience to quickly vacuum cars and garages.


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Swaach Vac - Static Power Vacuum

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