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Solider Plus - Industrial CCTV
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Solider Plus - Industrial CCTV

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Universal Engineering in the year 2016 launched Soldier Plus Industrial Security Systems, the aim was to provide solutions to the Safety & Security issues with the Industrial, Commercial and Military Sector who require advanced and high grade of products which provide actual security for the investment they make every year. Considering the Constant Terrorist Attacks on Government and Private Sector which is causing deaths and financial losses along with the thefts and arson, Solider Plus intends to address the problem on one to one basis.

Soldier Plus is targeted to provide Security Solutions to the below Sectors

Solider Plus - Industrial CCTV

Long Range Industrial Grade CCTV Cameras

Solider Plus has collaborated with renowned manufacturers globally to provide a cutting edge technology to the end user, the process begins to understand the client requirements at every step be it there confidentiality when implementing or be it customisation of the product to suit their needs. Solider Plus is introducing the Long range Industrial Grade CCTV Cameras which are not only of extremely durable but are made with the best of the material to make sure the performance and usage is long enough.

Solider Plus Long Range Cameras are divided in three Categories and based on the Distance starting from 300 meters up to 40 kilometres range , the specific model can be designed and manufactured.

Laser Night Vision and Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras is being used widely in Military Purpose, Safe Cities, Railways, Forest Fire, Oil Fields etc. Solider Plus Equipment have been designed on the same grade to make sure the performance is attained to globally standing and the clients receive the same what has been promised and shown. Soldier Plus CCTV Cameras always adheres to "Military Technology for Civilian Usage".

Below are some of the Night Vision Thermal and HD Laser Camera Snaps

Solider Plus - Industrial CCTV

Some of the Cameras in Real Time Deployment and Performance

Solider Plus - Industrial CCTV Solider Plus - Industrial CCTV

All the products are designed to manufacture with no stock maintained by Solider Plus as we don't sell products but tailor made solution to address the real problems and accordingly we use the housing body and camera to make sure the optimum performance. Explosion Proof, Bullet Proof are some of the added features which can be provided to clients who require the same.

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