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Sewage Treatment & Waste Water Recycling

Universal Engineering and Ecotec Engineering introduces Sewage Treatment and Waste Water Recycling System providing core solutions for Residential, Commercial and Industrial. Depending on the requirements and treatment option, Ecotec has perfect solutions for single home STP, Cluster of home sewage treatment plant, Small Community Plant (10-20 Apartment units), medium size communities (30-200 dwelling units) and larger wastewater treatment plants (200unit to 3500units).

Sewage & Waste Water Treatment

EcoTec sewage and wastewater treatment plants have been installed in single homes, villas, schools, colleges, resorts, industrial kitchens, theme parks, industries and offices.Based on the type of building usage, occupant’s behaviour, type of building and industry we have classified the treatment plants to,

  • Domestic and municipal sewage (BOD- 400 mg/l and COD- 800 mg/l)
  • Industrial kitchen wastewater (very high in oil and grease, cleaning agents and extremely high BOD up to 1500 mg/l)
  • Restaurants (BOD-900 mg/l and COD- 2000 mg/l )
  • Individual homes (BOD- 400 mg/l and COD- 800 mg/l)

Advanced System Suitable for Larger Communities and Industries

  • Apartment complexes starting from just 20 dwelling units and up to 500 dwelling units (20 KLD to 500 KLD)
  • Industries and offices that have only one, 2 or 3 shifts require different designs
  • Resorts, theme parks, schools and colleges where there is seasonal usage of water and have varying loads
  • Hospitals with varying loading and occupancy
  • And many other infrastructures including airports, bus stands, railway stations, etc.

Sewage & Waste Water Treatment

Performance in Tough Conditions

  • Frequent Power cuts- No Problem
  • All weather design- from the coldest regions with -20 Degrees to +40 Degrees
  • Flexibility to meet with field constraints in pumping from underground to over ground treatment chambers
  • Customised to site conditions
  • No minimum loading conditions for achieving treatment standards
  • Power consumption and operation controlled as per incoming water volume and flow

Flexible Location – Anywhere at Anyplace

  • On top of ground
  • Partially underground and over ground
  • Fully over ground
  • Portable systems- Container Sewage Treatment
  • Temporary Systems
Sewage & Waste Water Treatment

EcoTec Blue

EcoTecBlue range of advanced filtration systems are available to bring the required treated water quality for reuse in laundry, flush, gardening, carwash and any other reuse purpose. EcoTec SBR systems coupled with EcoTecBlue systems have made many offices, schools and institution reuse treated sewage water for many days.


Sewage & Waste Water Treatment

Compact ultra-filtration system provides pure treated water in excellent quality to be reused in laundry and flushing for even single homes. The same systems are available for drinking water treatment too.

Sand Filtration

Sewage & Waste Water Treatment

Sand Filtration systems for larger communities for flush and garden reuse. Sand filtration is reliable for water reuse in flushing. Our successful installations are in operation for more than 4 years in harsh conditions.

Submerged Ceramic Filtration

Sewage & Waste Water Treatment

Advanced submerged ceramic filtration system gives bathing quality water which can be used for any reuse purpose. This is long life product for very high quality water. Recommended for treating large volume of water reuse.

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