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Schonbach, a European owned brand with expertise in the Central Vacuum and Central Air Purifier Industry, with range catering from Domestic, Professional to Industrial sector, Schonbach has displayed its ability to listen to clients need and develop machines which can perform. In the year 2016 a group of professionals with a cumulative experience of over 65 years in the vacuum cleaning industry came together to form a brand through which they can bring their collective expertise to bear in transforming the industry.

The mission was to revolutionalise the central vacuum cleaning and air purifier industry all around the world. Many things make us stand distinct from the rest and chief among this is our incorporation of cutting-edge technology in our appliances which not just make them more effective than the other central vacuum or central air purifiers around but also to be more eco-friendly.

All our designs are practical, modern and edgy and conform to the European standards in household appliances. Pricing is an important component of every product. Based on our mission of being the standard that others follow rather than conform to what the others are doing, we charge the lowest prices in the industry because even though our appliances are much better, they are cheaper than the other vacuum cleaning appliances available in the market today.

Schonbach is the only brand which is IP500 Compliant in the Central Vacuum Industry, which is useful for wireless communication within the building between different devices for enhanced Building Managing System thus reducing the cost of operations and maintenance.


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