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Retraflex - Retractable Vacuum Hose
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Retraflex - Retractable Vacuum Hose

Retraflex is the new vacuum hose that retracts into the wall with the simple suction power of the central unit, to start vacuum you have only to open the vacuum inlet and extract the hose. It can be easy installed in plasterboard or in brick wall and it can be placed in any location, thanks to its thickness.


HANDY: With a retractable hose you don’t need to carry your hose from inlet to inlet, because with Retraflex every vacuum inlet has its own hose.

EASY TO USE: Just pull on the black handle to start the system. Compatible with wireless handle Flisy, the Sistem Air original.

STYLISH: Elegant and with a simple design, it is available in four different colors and it is suitable for every environment.

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