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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

What will it cost me to install a Sistem Air Central Vacuum System?

When should a central vacuum system be installed?

The larger, more powerful the central vacuum unit, the more useful it is?

Why not use lots of inlet valves and shorter hoses?

Is it possible for insects to get into the system?

Can the network of ducting become blocked?

Where is the best place to locate the central vacuum unit?

Is the system safe? Is there any risk of electrical shocks for children in the house?

Can a central vacuum unit be installed in the same room as a boiler or another possible source of combustion?

Do I have to clean the ducting periodically? Is it possible to use the central vacuum for vacuuming inside the ducting.

Is it possible to vacuum plaster and building residue?

Is it possible to vacuum up glass?

Is it possible to vacuum up water?

Do I have to connect or disconnect my central vacuum system from the piping network every time I start to or finish using it?

Can use the two inlet valves clean sweep?

How often do you recommend that the filter is cleaned or replaced?

The dust container or dust bag is full.

The motor overheats.

Inherent problem with the central vacuum unit.

Some valves work but others don’t.

The central vacuum unit and the valves appear to be working correctly but when the hose is connected there is no suction.

The central vacuum unit continues to work even when the inlet valves are closed.

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