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Neuro - Brain of Smart Building

Neuro is a Smart Box or Digital Controller or multi-protocol IP processor which has IP network connectivity, Cloud connectivity and security and diagnostics tools inbuilt, depending on what level of integration is required- e.g., someone wants Neuro to sit next to their controller , or someone wants Neuro to become their controller or someone just wants software ported to their controller, Neuro has only one mission - Make all conventional OEM equipment Intelligent and Cloud connected in a cost effective way.

  •   Neuro connects all conventional devices without IP capability to the cloud. This means that all your products, which are otherwise only controllable via radio remote control or serial interface, can be smartly retrofitted and networked with other products.
  •   Connecting wireless or wired devices to IoT applications or smart building solutions requires IP communications and cloud connectivity
  •   For the smart retrofitting of radio-controlled B2B devices, Neuro offers universal IoT & Smart Building Gateway as an IoT interface. As high-performance connection centers, Neuro gateway ensures that popular radio protocols in the frequency band 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 865-868 MHz, radio standards such as EnOcean, ZigBee, IP500, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Thread Networks as well as wired protocols like LON IP are pre-integrated.
Neuro - Brain of Smart Building
  •   B2B devices with proprietary wireless protocols can also be integrated using individual gateway firmware. Devices that have neither IP nor wireless (e.g. serial interfaces) can be connected via additional hardware and thus networked with other wireless standards, smart apps and cloud service.
  •   Our gateway connection centers are available in 3 basic versions with different performance levels. But we also realize needs-based "white label" versions with individual equipment gateways.
Digital Smart Lighting Controller

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