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My Inspector Guard Patrol System

My Inspector Guard Patrol System is an efficient provider of Guard Patrol Tracking System. My Inspector provides individual and businesses with real-time information on the performance and activeness of guards while on active duty.

My Inspector Guard Patrol System

Monitoring and managing guards on patrol is a quite difficult and costly. This can be as a result of the geographical stretch and location, the number of guards and the type of guards employed. Patrols cannot be assumed to be accurate, they are humans who will often slack in their duties. You are always bothered as to whether they perform their duties or sleep off after signing in. However, despite your concerns you are in a limbo as to how to acquire the results of their performance.


Where, When and Why

My Inspector reveals every location and site touched by the guards during patrol and the exact time they visited using a Checkpoint system. In case of an unusual deviation from the normal routine, the tool also allows for providing information as to why they did.

Location and Timing

Aside from noting the locations visited, it also details the duration spent on a single site and the in-between site. This will help to determine the swiftness and speed of visits.

User-Friendly Interface

Controlling Chopper Fans doesn’t need technical expertise. Anyone can easily maneuver the speed selection to suit all seasons and time. If you have a computerized HVAC control system in place, it can be interconnected for automatic functioning.

Scheduled Visit

In the event that a patrol guard fails to carry out a scheduled check to a site, My Inspector reveals this. You will be aware of the failure of the security guard in making his rounds.

Easy Pin Pointing of Mishaps

In the occurrence of a security lapse, it will be easy to ascertain the exact time it occurs in between the security checks of the patrol guards.

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