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Fire & Safety Engineering

Fire is one of the dangerous threats facing our society today and needs to be handled with immediate effect. If you are looking for a fire protection provider you depend on us as we assure you quality services and systems. Universal Engineering provides services of high professional standards, affordable in terms of cost and in manageable way.

Fire & Safety Solutions

Our mission is to gain recognition as the most efficient, professional and trustworthy fire systems provider, we have already achieved cost effective professional management as well as complete sound engineering, experts in installation, design, planned service and maintenance of fire protection systems for industrial and commercial customers.

When determining the most proper fire protection for any given situation, it is good to assess the hazardous types of fire faced. Our professionals have been trained on how to classify fire with classes to enable them handle it properly. For example fires that involves flammable solids such as wood, cloth rubber paper and some types of plastics are classified as a class A, whereas fires that involves flammable liquids such as petrol, oil and paint are classified as class B, flammable gases fires such as natural gases, hydrogen, propane and butane are classified as class C by our experts.

Premises location, in this case we are able to consult the involved architectures and designers to get a history of the buildings this will enable our staffs to come up with the best measures to prevent any fire outbreak. Measures to curb fire restrict its spread and assure life safety will be required in historic premises. Before any changes are done, you must get advice from the local planning authority as to whether listed building consent is necessary; we are able to do this on behalf of our clients. Alternatively some of the fire safety measures set out in the Technical Annexes is highly considered. An approach in fire engineering combining automatic fire detection, smoke control and fire suppression systems is highly recommended

In many buildings that we manage, we have incorporated fire safety measures in accordance with building regulations. Thus we provide different approaches to fire in different premises according to architectural and designers’ rules and regulations. Our continued compliance with buildings regulations have earned us trust from our customers who always leave positive review after we offer them services.

Fire safety auditing, fire safety audits offer a very beneficial dry run prior to a formal inspection by our service inspectors, although without the threat of inspection or risk of enforcement .They follow the same procedure but emphasizing strongly on rectification and identification

Commonly, we start by reviewing your administrative processes, policies and record keeping before conducting a mock inspection of your buildings. We will then offer you with a clearly written report explaining the current safety status of your premises outline legal requirements, any deficiency in latest fire safety management processes, excellent guidelines regarding fire safety management and advice on the action to take to fulfill legal compliance.

As with all our work in fire consultancy, we conduct all fire safety audits quickly and thoroughly causing minimum disruption to staff productivity, while we base our recommendations on the most practical and cost –effective solutions appropriate to your business.

We also conduct fire assessment; this is the orderly inspection of all potential sources in the factories, the hazard that fire poses to the users and on how the start and spread of fire can be minimized. Unglamorous though, fire assessments are very helpful in saving lives as well as protecting property. Our professionals will accurately maintain the risk assessment document for you and continually update it at least once a year or after any significant works.

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