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DrainVac - Central Vacuum System
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DrainVac - Central Vacuum System


DRAINVAC is the result of years of experience and inventiveness. It all began with Conrad Sevigny’s carpet cleaning service. As he worked, M. Sevigny observed that the extracted soiled water was being directed to a tank, which had to be emptied each time it was full. He wondered if there might be an easier way to get the job done.

Mr. Sévigny started working on his prototype "The portable trash dispenser robot", which first saw the light in 1980. The process was easy: place the extractor tank on top of a toilet bowl and attach the hose to a nearby tap. The soiled water from the carpet is directed to the tank. Once the tank is full, the water is automatically flushed into the sewer system. Then, the extractor restarts itself to continue cleaning the carpet. The whole process was much simpler and much quicker.

When Conrad Sevigny founded DRAINVAC in 1982, the little family business in St. Hyacinthe, Canada, quickly turned into the thriving enterprise that it is today. A leader in its field, DRAINVAC International 2006 Inc. boasts numerous retailers in North America and an impressive distribution network in over 30 countries worldwide.

DrainVac - Central Vacuum System

Drain vac central vacuum cleaners are high calibre products made in Canada. Drainvac's superior technology is making quantum leaps and is defying the competition! Available for residential, commercial and industrial applications, Drainvac has a model that will meet your needs.

DRAINVAC offers the first vacuum system with a patented automatic drain for both wet and dry cleaning. Drainvac has also developed and marketed a complete range of central vacuums for the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

Unbeatable suction

With its water lift going up to 190”, DRAINVAC promises superior suction. It’s so strong that DRAINVAC automatic systems can unclog a sink.


No fuss. Just plug the flexible hose into one of the inlets and start cleaning!


DRAINVAC offers one of the world's only central vacuum with such large tanks. The latter are entirely made of polyethylene, with galvanized or stainless steel parts. All these materials are unbreakable and rustproof. Plus, each of DRAINVAC’s vacuum series comes with a complete guarantee.


Installed in a secluded location, our central vacuums are quiet, and some are even soundproof. In fact, some models are as quiet as 58 decibels.

DrainVac - Central Vacuum System

Drain Vac pioneered the World’s first ducted Wet & Dry vacuum system 30 years ago in Canada and the technology remains unique in the market place today. Being fully automatic with the ability to vacuum liquids, solids & dust provides the ultimate freedom in cleaning. Now you can handle any cleaning scenario quickly and easily.

While other central vacuums collect via a bag that needs to be emptied or replaced, our Wet & Dry vacuum empties itself into your drainage system and does not require any maintenance. You don't need to empty any bags or clean/replace any filters or expose yourself to dust particles collected. This is the ideal solution for allergy sufferers or anyone concerned with air quality as dust is fully removed from the premises and the environment automatically.

DrainVac - Central Vacuum System

A Drain Vac Wet & Dry replaces all other cleaning methods/tools and is all you need to keep your home sparkling clean. Now you can safely vacuum bathrooms, laundries, patios, balconies, courtyards and more. You can vacuum any liquid/solid that you encounter such as food, drink, mud, grime, etc. Carpet, tiles, timber, linoleum, the system is effective on all surfaces, is great at stain removal and the suction leaves the surface nearly dry. While our machines afford you the powerful combination of water and suction when you need it, you can just as easily perform a dry vacuum.

DrainVac - Central Vacuum System

Drain Vac Wet & Dry is even powerful enough to lift liquids (like tomato sauce) out of carpet. Watch the below video for a full demonstration of this unique ability.

Made in Canada to the highest standards, all residential Drain Vac systems are covered by a 5 year warranty.

DrainVac - Central Vacuum System

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DrainVac - Central Vacuum System

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DrainVac - Central Vacuum System

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DrainVac - Central Vacuum System

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DrainVac - Central Vacuum System