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Digital Signage Solutions

ME Universal has collaborated on Joint Venture with Blue Rhine Industries of Dubai , the pioneer and leader in digital way finding and signage solutions. The purpose of the Venture was to explore and cater the opportunities of the upcoming smart cities and buildings where in high end digital way finding, parking and signage requirements are there.

Digital Signage Solutions

Blue Rhine Experience in Middle East with A listed clients such as Emaar, World Trade Centre, Starbucks, Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates to name a few has brought immense expertise and offering which can be replicated in the Indian and African market where ME Universal will be focusing on.

Blue Rhine has developed a wayfinding approach that has been successfully applied to a wide range of sectors from residential communities, hotels, shopping malls and hospitals. These types of sites are fast-paced, diverse and complex and all benefit from strong wayfinding principles. Whether it is a new development or an existing site, a significant element to all users positively engaging with the building and environment is how the branding and wayfinding is applied and tailored to enhance the experience of their visit.

Digital Signage Solutions
Digital Signage Solutions

ME Universal Blue Rhine will offer content support and hands on maintenance and management team are on call 24 hours a day to ensure your brand is always live. We will provide complete turnkey solutions for all types of digital solutions including design, supply, installation, software, testing and commissioning. The digital team provides training to the client on the software for the screens being used, to enable independent management.

Types of Products used

  • Stretch displays
  • Indoor LED screens
  • Touch screens
  • Custom shaped LED screens
  • Outdoor LED screens
  • Digital score boards
  • Payment kiosks
  • Video walls
  • Software and content management

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