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Digital Classrooms & Conference Halls

The traditional approach of lecture and note taking has lost its effectiveness as the modern day around education grows. In efforts to grow academically it must be considered that differentiated modalities of teaching and learning are necessary to implement deeper levels of growth and conceptual development. Since every student is not interested in all subject matters. However, it is the responsibility of the education system to employ a variety of opportunities for the students to gain interests, orchestrating academic growth and progression throughout childhood and adolescence. ICT has turned from being a technology of communication and information to a curriculum creation and delivery system for teachers and learners.

Digital Classrooms & Conference Halls

The Digital classroom learning approach provides learners of all ages and walks of life with a framework and a host of Smart Thinking Tools that motivate higher levels of understanding. Through the process learners activate and build background knowledge, process information, transform their learning into a product that shows what they know, and reflect on their learning. Structured talk and assessment as and for learning are carefully woven into the process to build a thoughtful context for learning and to advance the thinking of all learners.

A Digital classroom can be considered as a virtual classroom, its features are:

  • Students and teachers use their computers to go to a virtual meeting place instead of a classroom.
  • A list of students is recorded.
  • Teachers can choose from a variety of synchronous technologies such asslide presentation, Audio and video conferencing, Application sharing& Shared whiteboard


  • Classroom
  • Conference Halls
  • Lecture Theatres
  • Auditoriums
  • Media Lab
  • Library / Cafe
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